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2021 Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

Check out my gift guide for KIDS here.

Check out my gift guide for ADULTS here.

I've got one more gift guide for you this year, and it's all about the stockings (speaking of which, I'm hoping to have a new DIY stocking tutorial for you next week!) I made separate guides for adult stockings and kid stockings, but I'm going to stick them both in this one handy post - so scroll on down if you're looking for ideas for the kids! 

Like the rest of my gift guides this year, these are truly some of our favorite things that we use on a regular basis. And FYI, when I asked my mom and sister what they would put on this list the first thing they both said was "good kitchen scissors" and I already had it on here as one of my top picks. So I guess my #1 stocking stuffer recommendation is kitchen scissors. If you're looking for trendy cutesy stocking stuffers that most people have never even heard of, you've come to the wrong place. But if you want an honest-to-goodness gift that will be used for years, I've got the guide you're looking for, folks. So let's get to the good stuff:

ADULT Stocking Stuffer Guide :

1. Simple Circle Earrings  /  2. Hot Cocoa Mix (or make your own!)  /  3. Popcorners (or their favorite snack!)  /  4. Silicone Spatulas  /  5. A Slim Wallet  /  6. An Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea  /  7. Bobby Pins (because we always lose them)  /  8. A Garlic Rocker  /  9. Good Kitchen Scissors  /  10. A Wrist Magnet  /  11. Silicone Straws (especially good if you're gifting a straw cup!)  /  12. Tallow Balm (or your fave lotion)  /  13. Isotoner Mittens  /  14. A Pinecone Necklace  /  15.  Erasable Gel Pens (or my other favorite pens)  /  16. A Pen Light  /  17. A Pocket Knife  /  18. Jeopardy Desk Calendar (may or may not fit in a stocking - but my father in law has this and saves the cards all year to play jeopardy whenever the whole family gets together! )

I love to slip things in the stocking that match-up with a bigger gift when I can. Like adding hot cocoa if I'm gifting a mug, adding spatulas if I'm gifting mixing bowls, adding pens if I'm gifting a notebook, etc.

There were also a few things in my adult gift guide that are small enough to make great stocking stuffers (although some are more expensive than typical stocking stuffers) : A Tin of Tea, Insulated Travel mug, Wool Socks, Gift Card, Keepsake Ornament, Bluetooth Speaker, Handheld Espresso Maker, A Custom Necklace.


KIDS Stocking Stuffer Guide:

1. Monopoly Deal (or other small games like Tenzi or Skipbo)  /  2. Mad Libs  /  3. Small Lego Packs  /  4. Toothbrush  /  5. Small Schliech Animals  /  6. Battery Lights (this isn't our exact set but it looks similar)  /  7. Invisible Ink Pens  /  8. Buttons (this was my nieces' favorite gift last year! Great for creative play!)  /  9. Post-it Notes   /   10. Silicone Lids (we replaced most of our sippies with these lids and a stack of Ikea kids cups)  /  11. Chapstick  /  12. Mini Brands Toys  /  13. Paint Sticks  /  14. PopCorners (or their favorite snack)  /  15. Colored pens (we love these erasable ones)

Check out my kids gift guide for more ideas! There are a few things on there that might fit in a stocking, too! 

And I know this is a big list, but remember you don't actually have to stuff those stockings. This year our bigger boys are getting book darts, post it notes, mad libs, and a snack. The littler boys are getting sticky notes, stretchy unicorns (I bought one set that I'll split between the stockings), a small puzzle, and a snack. I also ordered one pack of these animal sticky notes and I'll split it up so everyone gets a set. And the baby is getting another set of silicone lids and probably more socks.

What is your favorite stocking stuffer??

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