Sunday, July 17


As you can probably tell from my much-higher-than-usual amount spent, I had a much better yard sale run this weekend! I actually started on Thursday because it was a beautiful day and there were several yard sales within walking distance of my home. I took Baby B in his totally sweet stroller (I bought it at a yard sale for $25 last year when I found out I was expecting!) that has cup holders and a basket underneath to hold my yard sale purchases. Really a perfect set up for me. And in case you were wondering, yes, it is a jogging stroller. And no, I will not be jogging.

Baby B was snug as a bug (and asleep within minutes of leaving the house).

Here's what we found:
$5.00 - Butcher block cart. This will be living on the patio as extra counter space when we cookout. I'm planning to add some hooks on the side to the side to hang our grilling tools on, and maybe paint it? (it had 2 broken wheels, so we just pulled them all off)

$5.00 - A whole lot of ugly A small dresser. It had some problems (like the broken piece of wood and a broken drawer slide) but I bartered it down to $5 and figured it was worth trying to fix. I'm working on making it over, and it will very possibly be one of my favorite pieces of furniture when it's done! I'll post pictures when it's ready. And no, these first 2 didn't fit in the stroller. The husband and I went back to get them in the car later. :)

$1.00 - 4 broaches. My sister sells homemade bags and I thought she might like these to pin on a few of them.

$0.25- A vase. I love the shape and the small size that's good for a single flower.

$1.00 - A caulk gun & some picture hanging hardware.

$1.00 - White sheets. Planning to DIY some curtains for our guest room! Wish me luck!

$1.00 - Silverware/napkin caddy. Perfect for if we want to take dinner to the patio! (notice it's marked $2. I'm a big fan of bartering when I feel the price is too high!)

$4.00 - A broom organizer. We looked everywhere for one of these and ended up ordering one online, so I snatched up this one to use in the garage.
$5.00 - Precious Moments figurine. For my mom to celebrate her first grandbaby! Surprise, mom! :)
 $4.00 - a box of fabric. I picked it because it's full of big white panels, perfect for my curtain project!
 $1.00 - Four pillows. I need some back support for our patio sectional, and for $0.25 each I plan to cover these and spray them with a waterproofing spray. I'm thinking maybe yellow fabric?

That's it for me! Overall a pretty good week. Did anybody else hunt down some deals last weekend?

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