Saturday, October 1

31 Days of Hidden Potential

I’ve enjoyed reading through themed posts every October over at The Nesting Place. This year I decided to join the fun with an October series of my own! I was debating a few themes, and finally settled on this one. I'm so excited to get started!
Have you ever seen the HGTV series Hidden Potential? It’s a favorite at our house. The premise of the show is a designer helps a family find a home, but he chooses houses that are below their budget (and usually in need of improvements). He then shows them drawings of what the house could look like if they make the improvements and the family usually finds they can get the house they always wanted for less than they thought. It’s a super fun show, and was the inspiration for my 31 days.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to - “31 Days of Hidden Potential - finding beauty in you home on a budget!” My goal is to do the best with what I have and spend as little as possible to make my home prettier and more functional. Because we all want a beautiful home without breaking the bank. For the rest of this month I will be finding the hidden potential in things and spaces all around my home, and I hope I will inspire you to do the same. 

I'll add a link here each day so you find  the posts all together once it's over:

Day 1 - Introduction
Day 2 - A Whole New Chair
Day 3 - Use a Book
Day 4 - Metal Baskets Storage
Day 5 - Tray Makeover
Day 6 - It's All Fabric to Me
Day 7 - Making a Gallery Wall
Day 8 - Colored Glass Vases
Day 9 - Throw Pillow Change-up
Day 10 - The Eye of the Beholder
Day 11 - Look to Nature
Day 12 - Paint it
Day 13 - Have a Sale
Day 14 - Re-purpose
Day 15 - The Tale of an Old Shirt
Day 16 - Shop the House
Day 17 - Dress-up the Ordinary
Day 18 - Build It
Day 19 - Bulletin Boards
Day 20 - Making Room
Day 21 - Add Some Art
Day 22 - Looking Up
Day 23 - Know Where to Shop
Day 24 - It's the Little Things
Day 25 - Knock it Off
Day 26 - Closet Space
Day 27 - Flashback
Day 28 - Pinspirations
Day 29 - The Cover-up
Day 30 - Put in the Work
Day 31 -Reflecting
Wow. That's a long list. But I'm gonna go for it! If you are interested in following some more inspiring journeys this month, head on over to the Nesting Place. You can see The Nester’s series as well as the other themes being contributed this year, or link up a series of your own. And don’t forget to come back here every day for more Hidden Potential!

Happy October!


  1. Love your topic! I could really use some budget friendly inspiration.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I can help. :) Happy October!

  3. This is a great topic. I also love that show and I cn't wait to see your posts. Low cost/no cost is my way of life. What is that saying?.....Necessity is the mother of all invention.

  4. Love the show - love your topic!! I look forward to reading more!

  5. Just found your blog and I'm lost looking at all the great posts! I can't wait to check out all the stuff on this list. I love HGTV and never even heard of that show. Will have to check it out!!

    Lindsey @

    1. Yay! Welcome! And thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It makes my day! :)