Saturday, October 22

Day 22 - Looking up

We live in a modestly sized home and need to make the most of the space we have. Today we'll find a little by storage by looking up and using some of the vertical space in our home.

When Baby B was on the way, I refinished this hand-me-down dresser from my aunt to use in the nursery. It worked perfectly as clothes storage + a changing table for Baby B. But now that B's getting bigger, he wiggles and squirms and knocks every single thing off the dresser during diaper changes. This has led to diaper changes happening on the floor instead and made the dresser less functional in this room.

Fortunately, I have a grandma who's always looking out for me, and knows I love a good piece of furniture! She found this dresser at a garage sale and picked it up, hoping I would be able to use it. And yes. Yes I can. I knew this would be a great replacement piece for Baby B's dresser because it is narrower (so it will take up less floor space) but much taller (so we will have TONS more storage for Baby B's things).

(Don't worry, the old dresser has a new home up in our room. It's definitely not going anywhere!)

I gave the new dresser a quick little makeover so it would be nice and fun for his room.... I decided to do white & yellow stripes so I started by roughly painting in the white areas. (no judging for the huge mess. we just started messing around with moving cabinets to get ready for the new sink, so most of our cabinets are emptied with the stuff piled around the kitchen. Classy. I know.)

Then I taped off the areas I wanted to paint yellow so I could get nice, clean lines.

Then I painted the yellow parts, then pulled off the tape. (and took a really terrible picture because I couldn't wait until morning. sorry.)

I was going to keep the old hardware to save money, but then we were checking out the clearance section at Lowe's and found these babies for...are you sitting down?...$0.30 each. And that's when I decided we could, in fact, update the pulls.

And that was it!

I'm really happy with how the stripes turned out. And I like the thick, drawer width stripes I decided to go with.

Then we slid it into place in Baby B's room.

I put the diaper supplies in the bottom drawer since we'll be doing his changes down there anyway so I have everything nice and handy. Then put some current clothes & clothes to grow into in a few more drawers. I have so much space I don't even know what to do with it all! :)

And just for fun, here is a little before/after comparison:

By using the vertical space in Baby B's room, I gained storage AND floor space all at the same time! Here are a few things I found on pinterest that also make great use of vertical spaces:

How do you make the most of the vertical space in your home?

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  1. Love the dresser makeover! I'm trying to figure out a better plan for our closet to utilize all of the space in there.

  2. I love this dresser and this family! The house is being completely transformed and everything looks beautiful. Great job!!! Hillary

  3. Kai, thanks! I'm actually planning to do a little post about using closet space. :) I don't know if it will help you or not, but now I'm motivated to get it done! :)

    Awww, thanks Hillary! Thanks for commenting!

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