Wednesday, October 12

Day 12 - Paint it

Paint can  make a huge statement with only a small investment. Today we'll look at a several ways to use paint in your home.

There are SO many ways painting can be used to find beauty in your home. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint it all it takes to find the potential you're looking for! And it's a really affordable way to make a dramatic change - you can get a gallon of interior paint (my fave, Olympic No-VOC from Lowe's) for about $23, spray paint for anywhere from $1-6, or use craft or acrylic paints that can cost less than $1 each. Let's look at a few easy ways we can use this paint to spiff up our spaces:

1. Paint the walls - a coat of paint is pretty easy to pull off, and can make your room instantly feel, fresher, brighter, warmer, cozier, or however else you want it to feel! Painting our master suite definitely took it from dingy old cave to bright and inviting.

2. Paint your furniture - Whether you use house paint (like we did on our yellow dresser makeover) or spray paint (like I used on the blue chair makeover) painting a piece of furniture is a super easy way to add a bold pop of color and create interest in your home.

3. Paint the cabinets - I know we all want a beautiful new kitchen, and we can have it on a budget! Just break out the paint brushes and give those cabinets the fresh new face they've been begging for. We are planning to paint our cabinets a crisp, clean white, but I also love a good splash of color like green or blue.

4. Paint the trim - wood trim is beautiful, but if you want to give your home a bright facelift, consider painting it bright white. Everything in your home will start to pop against it.

5. Paint some art - you don't have to have any previous art experience, so don't let that stop you! Just pick up sale frame from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, or you can even paint on paper and frame it. There are plenty of tutorials to make your own art, like this simple dot painting tutorial. Look up some inspiration pictures online, and then just go for it!

6. Paint accessories - you can find great accessories for your home, from lamps to vases to mirrors, at thrift stores or yard sales (or even already in your home!) for next to nothing. Always look at the shape and structure of accessories, because they may be just a coat of paint away from being a great piece in your home. I picked up my salt and pepper shakers knowing I would be able to dress them up with a coat of spray paint.

7. Get creative! - Don't be afraid to make a big statement with stripes, a fun pattern, or a bold color. Remember, it's just paint and worse case scenario you can just paint it again! Happy painting!

Have you painted anything to unlock its potential?


  1. I started painting my cabinets this weekend. They probably need another coat and the doors still need painted but I like the results so far. It is wonderful how a little bit of paint can brighten up a room :)

  2. Amazing transformations you showed with paint, especially number one! I have a can of paint to use in the exact color I love but have not found what to use it on.

  3. Wow! Paint works wonders, as shown so beautifully with your master suite. I love the dramatic S & P transformation but have yet to do that with my set. (Schedule isn't allowing for much creativity right now; so frustrating!) Your blog is a haven of inspiration.

  4. Anna - I'm so excited about your cabinets! I hope you're planning to put up pictures when you're done. :) And let me know any advice you found along the way, we're hoping to paint ours this month!

    Wendy - That is so funny. It's great that you have a color you love, though. And I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing to show it off!

    Rhetta - You always leave the sweetest comments, thanks so much for the constant encouragement! I hope you schedule loosens up soon so you can get back to creating!

  5. Hi there - returning the comment love.

    I'm loving your 31 Day series.
    And, I have would have thought to paint the S&P shakers!

    Hmm. Must find something to paint!

    Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D
    "31 Days - 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life"

  6. Love all of those ideas! What a difference that coat of pain in your master suite made. We had one in a rental like that one time, windows only on one side and it could get a little dark. I think I have that same shade of spray paint you used on you s & p shakers. I have painted some thrift store pitchers with it that I only wanted to use for display.

  7. Ha ha...don't know if it caused you any "pain"...but I of course meant that "coat of paint"

  8. I think the salt and pepper shakers are my favorite! What a perfect thing to paint to add a little spunk to your table:)

  9. That was sweet of you, Dana! Thanks!

    Ha! Don't worry Lisa, no pain. :) I love that color, and painting pitchers is such a good idea! I've been wanting a pitcher to use for flowers...I may just have to find one to paint!

    Thanks Victoria, glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!