Tuesday, October 11

Day 11 - Look to Nature

I've never been much of a seasonal decorator (with the exception of Christmas, which you'll probably see later this year) but this fall I've started stepping it up, just a little, by looking to nature for inspiration and free decorating supplies!

My dad and grandma grew some gourds & pumpkins this year, and my mother-in-law bought me some mums and big pumpkins for my porch.

 Then I threw in my one fall decoration - a wreath I picked up at Michael's on clearance last year.

So far that is all I have to show for my fall decorating efforts, but it's a start. Since I hope to continue my decorating on a budget, I started hunting on pinterest for inspiration and found some ideas for decorating totally free! I don't have any examples of my own yet, but I definitely plan to snip some branches and collect some leaves of my own to expand my fall decorating horizons. Here are some of the great ideas I found, and there are TONS more out there!

So go take a walk in this beautiful fall weather and grab some free, fresh fall decor while you're at it (just don't go taking it from someone else's yard, okay?). Do you decorate for the changing seasons? All of them or just some? How do you do it on a budget?


  1. Love the gourds, and of course the leaves too. We don't have any leaves yet (that have turned colors).

    I'd love to add you to my 31 Dayer's for the rest of the month, if that's okay with you! Maybe we can share buttons? Let me know :D

  2. What a great round-up of inspiration photos! I love that vase with branches - I need to clip some branches in our backyard!

  3. I agree, jadyn, the vase with branches is my favorite too!

    Colleen, that sounds great! I'm not sure how to add buttons to my blog, so I may have to wait for my husband to get home and help me. :) Were you thinking they would go on the side bar?

  4. Love those mason jar lanterns with acorns...what a great idea! :)

  5. I'll definitely be looking for some acorns to give it a try. :)