Monday, October 10

Day 10 - The Eye of the Beholder

Day 10 already? This is going to be another quick, falling behind post, but at least it's earlier than yesterday, right? :) My topic today is about finding great things for your home, even though someone else may have missed the potential.

 This morning my dad went out for a walk with Baby B, then came back to tell me about a chair someone had put out in the alley with the trash. I walked down to look at it and ended up bringing it home. I wasn't even sure if I liked it yet, but figured it was free and if I decided I didn't like it I could put it right back on the curb for someone else. (I know, not my best photography work. Sorry!)

I took it inside, wiped it down, added one of my fave pillows, and decided I loved it. Especially the unique shape, which is what had me on the fence in the first place! Crazy, right? I just couldn't quite picture it working in my home until I actually got it in there.

Project Cost Breakdown:
$0 - chair from the alley
Total: FREE! Somebody's trash was my treasure!

My dad is also the one who found my desk on someone's curb and picked it up for me. I gave it a little TLC and it has been an important part of my office ever since!

So the moral of today's story is that someone else's trash could turn out to be your treasure! Keep your eyes open because you never know when you'll stumble across something great. And remember not to fully judge something before you get it home because you could be surprised by how well it works (or doesn't work) in your space.
Have you ever found treasure among someone else's trash? Or found potential that someone else missed?


  1. Ooh! Yay for free! My grandpa always has been that way.. he would spot something out by a curb on his daily bike ride, go back later and get it, and fix it up in his shop till it was better than new!

    And you are right- sometimes the potential doesn't show itself right away. :) ~Frances

  2. Your grandpa sounds like my kind of guy! And I love that he had daily bike rides. I just really love grandpas - the world is a better place with them around! Thanks so much for stopping by!