Wednesday, November 16

$25.10 - Yard Sale Catch-up

Yard sales are really winding down as the temperature drops! This might be my last yard sale post for the year, but I wanted to share what I've grabbed the last few weeks (not including Christmas presents...don't want to spoil any surprises):

$1.00 - two bamboo blinds. I'm hoping to cut them down to fit the kitchen windows.

$10.00 - sleeper sofa! For our future basement family room. It needs to be recovered, but structurally it's great!

$4.00 - plug-in drill (for when our battery drill needs recharging) and a yellow roller cart (for Baby B to play on)

$10.00 - table saw. It doesn't have a guide, but we rigged one up using clamps.

$0.10 - First Harry Potter book. In terrible shape, but perfectly readable for a dime.

Did you find any great deals as the season wrapped up? Are you as sad as me that we have to wait until next year for more garage sales?!?

1 comment:

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