Saturday, November 12

Kitchen Painting

We've made another small step in our kitchen makeover. (you can refer back to the full plan here) So far we had only put in a new microwave, installed a new light over the sink, and bought the cabinets to finish out our plan. But now we can check one more thing off the list. Here is a (very scary) before shot of the kitchen, just to jog your memory...and give you a few nightmares.

And here is the best shot I have of the original wall color. (I got those letters at Hobby Lobby when they were half off)

And here is the slightly sunnier after picture! It doesn't show a big difference in pictures, but it looks much brighter and friendlier than it did before. I promise. And you get a bonus peek at one of the new IKEA shelves that looks oh-so-good with the yellow. And don't get excited, there aren't actually any cookies in that jar. Bummer.

This picture shows the color a little better. We didn't worry too much about getting paint on the cabinets (obviously) since they will all be painted anyway.

I had a hard time getting a good shot of how well the color works with the living room it opens up to. This is the best I could do, as far as getting accurate colors for both rooms. I think it turned out great because it fits in the with the feel of the other rooms, but the color is different enough to feel like its own unique space. Which probably doesn't make any sense. So let's just say it looks goooooood.

Confession time: You probably were already suspicious, so I'll go ahead and say it. Yes. There is a reason all of these pictures were taken above counter level. It is a dark and ugly scene down there.... Stuff piled around out of various cabinets, things scooched all out of place, holes in the floor, a partially sawed through countertop, and and a half-way ripped up cabinet. We just won't go there today. You'll find out soon enough.

We had a couple friends graciously offer to help/babysit while the painting went down, and thanks to them we were able to finish really fast! It probably took a little over an hour (plus a little touching up later). So it was a really easy way to make a nice change in the room. And the total cost of the project was only $23 for the paint (which we also used to paint the bathroom and Baby B's new dresser). So we still have a loooong way to go, but it's nice to mark one more think off the list. :)


  1. I think you need to remedy that empty cookie jar soon! It looks nice and it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do :)

  2. Love the shelf! Love the empty cookie jar! Love the paint color! (Actually, it looks a lot like the color of my kitchen.)

  3. Thanks!

    Anna, I will definitely get on the cookie jar problem. :)

    Rhetta, great minds think alike! :)