Thursday, December 1

Kitchen Shelves

Remember that little peek of the new kitchen shelves you got after we painted the kitchen? Well, the wait is over to (finally) see them finished! We installed two of these metal shelves from IKEA (first mentioned in our kitchen plan) and relocated the bars that used to be there (also from IKEA). I started with the bar and hung it high enough to fit hanging spoons & spatulas above the countertop. I put the bottom shelf right above that, then put my tallest dishes on the shelf to see how high to hang the top one. The last thing I wanted to was to put them up, find out something didn't fit, and have to move them!

We centered the shelves on the wall space between the window and doorway. And yes, that is bare plywood laid across the two cabinets we still need to install. But hey, at least it's counter space!

I still had one bar left over, so I decided to get a little crazy and line it up next to the first bar....right across the window. You can see it in the picture above, too. I've seen things kind of like this in magazines where people would have a shelf in front of a window with plants and jars on it, and I thought this would be a cool twist on that. See those little white pots? My plan is to grow herbs in them. What do you think? I am planning to replace the blinds so the pots will stand out more. Hopefully it ends up cool and not "ugh, what was I thinking?!"

A shot from the other direction - I still love how well the yellow goes with the living room. And the metal adds some nice texture to the space!

And here is everything all loaded up. I LOVE the white dishes against the yellow, but to be honest I'm not crazy about the bar. I think it looks cluttered. Maybe I just need to play around with what things I have on it?

And I may need to move the "EAT" up a bit since it kind of hides behind the dishes. But I'm looking for a frame to hang a picture my sister painted up there, so I'll wait until I know what else is going up there.

That's the only new progress on the kitchen so far. I love that we were able to add some storage without having to put in any cabinets. The open shelving looks so much lighter and... well... more open. Do you use open shelving in your kitchen? I'm also to have my favorite dishes where I can actually use them! We had them stashed in the basement (because we didn't have room for them in the cabinets), but now that they are back in the kitchen we've been using them everyday!

And, of course, we'll close with Baby B. He is starting to climb on things - like stepping on this paint bucket to get into the sink. I am going to have my hands full with this boy. :)

P.S. This is my 98th blog post! I'm thinking the 100th post will be a great time for a giveaway, so stay tuned to win some fun prizes - made by me!

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  1. The shelves look great! I never thought I would be a fine of open shelving but I am starting to like it. I took my cabinet doors off when I moved so I could paint them and I like being able to see everything and it motivates me to keep my shelves clean ;)