Saturday, December 17

There's Always Next Year

I've been pinning some great stocking ideas on my pinterest and planning to make one for each of us this year. That was the plan. Fortunately there is always next year. But first, let's look at my inspiration....

I LOVE the sweater stockings and wanted to make some for me and the Mister. So I started by picking up some sweaters at the thrift store and printing Martha's (we're on a first name basis) stocking pattern (from here). First lesson - you have to buy sweaters that are actually wool. The idea is that the wool will felt and give you nice sturdy fabric to work with. This red & white sweater did no such felting and was unraveling like mad while I was trying to put this bad boy together. Long story short, I still feel like the vision was there but my execution was a disaster. This ended up being mostly hot glued. No shame. Sometimes it's best to admit defeat and grab the glue gun. You couldn't tell by looking, could you? Say "no."

After I threw that train wreck together I started my second stocking. It did felt in the dryer so I had a much easier time handling the fabric. Lesson #2: Sweaters are very thick. I made it farther than my first attempt, but the way I planned my stocking resulted in so many layers that I couldn't possibly sew through them. Fortunately by this point I was better prepared for my adventures in stocking-making and had the glue gun handy. Sigh.

So they are both technically put together and hanging up. But I think I'll be starting over next year. Probably with normal fabric. I was thinking about making Baby B a stocking using onesies, but I don't think that will happen before Christmas either. Oh well. There's always next year. :)

Have you had any Christmas projects fall through? Are you giving it another try?


  1. Each year I think I will make us stockings-maybe next year! These are great inspiration. Stopping by from Rescued Goods:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully next year is the year for both of us. :)