Wednesday, February 22

IDHTBPTBB - A Kitchen Update

Wondering what that nonsense means? It's a saying by one of my favorite bloggers, The Nester. It means "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

And it just so happens she is having a link-up party today yesterday two days ago (better late than never?) and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to post an update on our very-much-imperfect kitchen. And maybe this will help me look at it in a new light and see the beauty behind the imperfections. So without further ado, here it is today:

Okay, a little anticlimactic, I know. We haven't really made any progress in the last few months (see our game plan here) and our kitchen is full of imperfections. Dishes everywhere, missing drawer fronts, still unpainted cabinets, plywood countertop, taped outline of where the peninsula will run, uninstalled cabinets.... But we're looking for beauty here, right? So things that are beautiful in these picture:
  • that little boy on the floor (too easy?)
  • the way Baby B so enthusiastically pulls those dishes out every day
  • it is ours so we are free to make the changes that we want
  • the size - it's much bigger than our last kitchen so we have room to move, grow, and make changes
  • the openness - it has wonderful flow with the rest of the house since we took out the wall between the kitchen & living room
  • new metal shelves
  • the white dishes and that they are out where we can enjoy them now
  • the huge amount of countertop space
  • the sink of my dreams (even if it's not installed yet)
  • the mismatched cabinets that, though imperfect, add lots of storage for $12 total
  • glass flour & sugar jars on the counter
  • the pattern on this cabinet that will will replicate on our existing cabinets (I mostly wanted to show you how badly we need hardware on this cabinet. That towel blocks the door from closing all the way so we can get it open and the paint stick in the drawer gives leverage to pry it open. Ha.)
  • pretty (and working!!!) stove & microwave
  • working fridge (I just cleaned it off and it looks a hundred times better. I just took down all the recipes and pictured from the front and moved all the dishes that were sitting on top to the basement. It seriously made a huge difference!)
  • did I mention that little boy? He's trying to chew through a container of oranges right here. He did chew through a packet of taco seasoning the other day. Yuck.
  • the corner pantry that gives us TONS of storage
  • a daffodil getting ready to bloom!
So there are definitely a lot of imperfections here, but there is also so much to be thankful for. It's amazing how much more beautiful something can be after you look at it with a more beautiful attitude. This kitchen is so big and full of potential that we can make our own. Not to mention that everything is working and useable. We are blessed to have this home and this wonderful, more-than-big-enough, beautiful kitchen to call our own. So consider this my official attitude change. I will be thankful for the blessings in this kitchen instead of dwelling on the imperfections!

Do you ever get hung up looking at the imperfections? Where do you need to look for beauty? Blog about it and join the link-up party at The Nesting Place!


  1. We are so much happier and appreciative when we look at the blessings God has given us rather than looking at what we don't have. Do I ever get hung up looking at imperfections? Of course, I do. You should see my children! Just kidding. :-) Look at me. I am full of imperfections, but if I concentrate on those I forget to be thankful that I walk and breathe on my own and see and get to hug my wonderful children, etc., you get the idea. Of course, that thankfulness (or discontent--depending on the day) spills over to my appreciation of my physical home as well. I like how your blog today helps us refocus on the good in our lives. Each day has something to appreciate.

  2. I clicked through from Nester's specifically to see your brown cabinets. We don't own where we live so we can't paint ours, but I have finally started adding some color where there was nothing but brown. Love your imperfections and how you so eloquently pointed out the beautiful things! We have the same canisters - both the sugar/flour and what I think is Pfaltzgraff on top of your fridge. That was our pattern! Thanks for making me smile today! (I didn't get mine linked until just now so you were quicker to the party than I was!) Where in Georiga? We are near Athens.

    1. Thanks for visiting! We rented for a few years and are glad to be able to do things like paint now. And actually my name is Georgia! Sorry about the confusion. I live in IL. ;)

    2. Hee hee ... I was so half asleep when I posted that. If I had looked closer I may have noticed Georgia is your name. :)

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it:)