Tuesday, March 20


We are not in yard sale season yet, but a local church had it's huge annual rummage sale last weekend! I went by on Thursday when it started to see all they had to offer, and let me tell you, it was huge. I knew things would be marked down on Saturday so at first I only bought a few things that I really wanted and was willing to pay full price for. I don't have pictures of these, but they were:

$4.00 - garden hose reel thingy

$5.00 - 5 yards of fabric

Then Saturday morning I hopped back over to check out the super savings. And they were pretty super! There deal was  $5 for whatever you could stuff in a box, so my husband grabbed the biggest one he could find and we loaded it up. Here's what we got for our $5:

 2 bags - I love bags. And the flower one makes me really happy.

  3 books for Baby B. I think he likes them.

 An ice cream maker. I almost bought this Thursday to replace my old one that bit the dust. But when it was still there Saturday I was really glad I didn't pay the full $7 for it before!

A glass jar. 

 Yards and yards of fabric. Knits, wovens, prints, solids, interfacings, all kinds of goodies!

I'd say it was pretty successful for the first yard sale of the year. Here's hoping for more to follow! Have you had any yard sales in your area yet? Are you itching to do some yard sale shopping?

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