Friday, March 9

Curtain Master

Here is the final post in a week full of curtains. You can see my tips for hanging curtain rods here, and for making your own curtains with drop cloths here. Today is just another example of homemade curtains, this time in my master bedroom. After living here a year and a half we finally have curtains up and it makes such a difference!

We started by putting up a curtain rod, just like in the office. I already love the contrast of the dark hardware against the light walls.

For the actual curtains I had a few thrift store sheet to choose from. I decided on a soft, pretty floral one that I bought for $3, which is great for a set of curtains! I cut it in half and hemmed just like I did with the office curtains. Then clipped it up with my ring clips. It turned out so pretty and was a really easy way to get unique curtains.

Then I slid the furniture back into place to finish it off. And wowza, it really looks more like home now!


Although I think I'll go with the rocker here instead. But a slip cover may be in order. :)

Here is the best shot I have of the color of the curtains. You can also see how well they work together with the colors of the walls and wood. 

And that's all I have for our last curtains day. Just a little inspiration to keep your eyes open because you never know what could be your perfect curtains!

Final thought for today - I got this new toy on craigslist, and I am so. excited. Now, who wants to thread it for me and show me how to use it? :) I'm thinking about making my own cloth diaper once I get it running!


  1. Love all your curtains, but I think these are my favorites. Love the hardware, the print, and the fact that they are custom! You are so creative.

    Did a manual come with the serger, or will you be getting one online? I want to buy a serger off craigslist but the hubs is a skeptic. (Engineers are like that.)

    1. Thanks Rhetta! These are my favorite too. :)
      It didn't come with a manual, but the full manual is on the manufacturer's website so I don't have to buy one. Some I looked at said they did include the manual so maybe you could find one that does? I was skeptical too, but i just got it threaded and running this morning and it's seems to be perfect so far!

  2. I would have never thought of using sheets for curtains. They look great! You will love your serger! My mom loved hers and if I ever find time to sew, I know I will want one. Love the shape of the 1st cream chair that you showed.

    1. Thanks Anna! I looooooove them. And I'm so excited about the serger. That chair is from Ikea and has been all over our house. I like it everywhere I put it!

  3. The post is showimg some unique curtains View them from the post