Friday, May 4

Let Them Eat Cake!

I'm glad to report that everyone was feeling much better in time for Baby B's birthday bash this past weekend!

Here's how the birthday festivities went down....

Okay, not from the party. But on Baby B's birthday we went for a walk and stopped at KFC for dinner. They heard us telling him happy birthday and gave him a free cake! I think he liked it. :)

I used my cupcake topper flags on our made-from-scratch red velvet cupcakes.

 And I had extras so I stuck them in the cookies my dad baked. Might as well, right?  :)

The night before the party a friend was telling me about how she chose a theme for her sons upcoming party (music!) by just choosing something he really liked. My first thought was "but Baby B doesn't have anything he's really crazy about." But then it hit me - the boy loves spoons! So I made a party-day trip to the dollar store to get a pack of plastic spoons. My Mister drilled a little hole in the handle of each one.


 And some party helpers (a.k.a. my sisters) tied them up on a string. Ta-da! I give you - Spoon Theme.


It actually worked out perfectly because Baby B and all his baby friends congregated in the kitchen and played with all the spoons they could get their hands on! That is a theme success. At one point the other babies were both using their spoons to stir up a box of toys. Baby B was spoonless at the moment and must have not liked being left out, because he went over and slammed the lid of the toy box shut. If he can't stir, they can't either I guess! We'll work on that.

Birthday boy with the biggest, greenest spoon he could find.

Of course my favorite decoration was the birthday bunting garland I made. The pictures don't do it justice, it was pretty spectacular. And long enough to reach halfway around the living room! Oh yeah, we had to have the party inside instead because the weather took a cold and nasty turn. It was very cozy. :) But back to the garland, it added a great touch of fun and birthday cheer.


Baby B's birthday banner turned out great, too, and was coincidentally the perfect size to hang right above our canvas print of him. I like it when things just work out like that. :)


 What's that? Birthday garland? Yep, still love it. And yep, it's still up. And the day I take it down will be the day I put it up in Baby B's room.


As for the birthday crown - Baby B was less than thrilled.  I did get a few pictures of him wearing it, but I don't think he was smiling in a single one. In most he was trying to get it off. Oh well. Still cute.

I think the highlight of the party was just watching Baby B play with his baby friends!

 "Excuse me, this is MY birthday throne...."

And here are just some more pictures from the day.....

Goodie bags for the baby friends with bubbles, squirt toys, pinwheels, and a happy face balloon tied on.

 "Ooooo, I've never had one of these before!"

 "I don't know about this. It seems squishy."

 "Yes. Definitely squishy."

 "I don't believe this is food. I will throw it on the floor for the other babies."

 "Here, mom. You can have it. Now get me down."

 Standing like a big boy.

Still figuring out how to use one of his gifts.

That's all the pictures I have for now. But believe me, there are more!

Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate and for all the thoughtful gifts! Thanks for helping us make Baby B's big day special!


  1. How sweet is this. Babies are the most enjoyable entertainment. They always bring a smile to my face. Well Happy Birthday baby B. I joined your blog and love seeing your party. Come by and see me if you get a chance I am new also. Oh also I was told by a more experienced blogger that I should turn off my word verification because people do not tend to leave comments on them. Just sharing info.
    This is my second attempt at the word verification.

    1. I will definitely check out your blog! And thanks for the tip, I actually had no idea word verification was on. Oops!