Thursday, April 26


What's that? You want to see a whole bunch of random things from around the house? Well you are in luck. I just happen to be tossing that kind of post together right now. First, I had a baked potato for breakfast. Actually 2 baked potatoes. Is that a weird breakfast? Either way, they were delicious!

#2 - After writing my post about getting started with houseplants, I've been looking for cheap ways to bring more green into the house. Last night I was out trimming our out-of-control-should-have-been-trimmed-last-fall bushes (you know, so everyone will think we have it all together at Baby B's Birthday party this weekend) I realized I had free greens right there! I picked some long pretty branches from my trimmings, stripped the leaves off the bottom half or so, and stuck them in vases of water around the house.

Too big? I'm undecided.

#3 - Scroll back up to that first picture and see how beautiful my sink looks. Then feast your eyes on this. The current state of our kitchen. Turns out when you don't have any cabinets, you don't have anywhere to put all that kitchen stuff. We should probably tackle operation build-new-cabinets soon. But to be fair even the few things that were in a cabinet have been pulled out by Baby B on a daily basis. The good news is that, thanks to our new friend Dish Washer, we are actually keeping that beautiful sink clear and clean most of the time! (here's a big picture shot for you, mom!)

 #4 - I'm still planning to repaint the kitchen. And I still plan to paint the cabinets first to make sure the yellow doesn't grow on me. But I'm already picking out my replacement color. I wanted something that would flow really well with the living room so I decided to go with a green that's in the same family but a little lighter. I think it will make the two rooms work better together and keep the kitchen light and airy. Right now my front runner is the middle green on the top card.

#5 - My best friend just got back from a trip to Ecuador. She brought Baby B the. cutest. jacket. to wear this fall. It's made of alpaca and I can't wait to put him in it! She also brought hand painted mugs and Ecuador tea for us grown ups. :)

Speaking of birthdays, we went for a walk on Baby B's birthday and stopped at KFC on the way home. They heard us talking about his birthday and brought out this cake for him. He was pretty excited.

The only other thing going on today is a recovering sick baby and a newly sick husband. Boo. I'm totally having some ice cream tonight. :) What's new with you?

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