Saturday, June 2


I've been slowly working on organizing and purging things in our basement & office (both of which have not been in great shape since we moved in). Last time I worked in the basement I stumbled across a bunch of my design boards from college. It was fun to see them again, but I had to admit to myself that it was not practical to keep them around! So I took some pictures in case I would ever need them as examples for a future job or anything, and kicked the originals to the curb! And just for fun, here is a peek at some of my favorite projects....

Office Space Design:

Contemporary Condo Design:

 Classical Boutique Hotel Design:

Post-War Modernism Living Room (one of my first designs!):

Local "Ugly Kitchen Contest" Design:

 Living Room Design:

Lots of floor plans:

Curb Appeal Project:

Did I ever mention that I minored in Geology? I did. Just for funsies. I kept a few things from those classes too, just because they make me feel smart. :)

And that's just some of what I had down there. Hoarder much? :) But I have to say it was fun looking through that stuff again and reminiscing about the old college days. College was great. *sigh*

Even though I tossed my design boards, I pulled off all the original drawings to keep. I put these and a few other papers I kept in a couple binders in the office. Nice and tidy. And much more space efficient.

Tell me I'm not the only one who keeps college stuff around to make myself feel good. And also tell me what you studied! What was your favorite class or project?


  1. What a fun find! My book shelves are full of my college music books and notes! I threw away most of my gen. ed. notes but have kept all of my music resources. It is hard to pick a favorite but being in Steel Band was one of the highlights of my time in college and doing a project of the how art influenced music in the impressionistic time period was one of my favorite projects.

    1. Ooooo! Steel Band! And your music/art project sounds awesome. :) I didn't keep any gen ed. stuff either. :)

  2. I like to keep some of my kids homeschooling homework, so they can look back at all the hard work they did and the progress they made. Their little learning-to-write papers are so cute! At the same time, their success is my success. It's not that I am living my life through them, but we did it together. The joy, the tears, the hurdles, the finish line--we lived it together. True, it's really their work and their accomplishments, but I'm their biggest fan.