Thursday, June 7

MORE Diapers?!?

"Really, mom? You're talking about my diapers AGAIN?"

I got new diapers. Again. Yes. I have a problem. And I'm sure you want to know all about them. So here you go! 

Wool Cover - I got this used for only $3. I don't know all the details about care yet, but I'll share more once I get it figured out an start using it. It's basically a waterproof cover that is supposed to be great for nighttime because it SO good. :)

Flats - These are just big squares of fabric that you fold (and can "pin" with a snappi) and cover with a waterproof cover (or wool cover!). The left one is a Dippee Dypee bamboo flat ($5), and the right is a flour sack towel from dollar tree($1). So far the bamboo one is pretty big and bulky (but more absorbent) and the other is much trimmer and absorbent enough for me! And seeing as it's from Dollar Tree, it's probably the single cheapest way to cloth diaper a baby.

 Extended Tab Prefolds - also from Dippee Dypees. :) These were on sale so I decided to give them a try (I think they were like $5-8 depending on the size. I follow her facebook page to find the special deals and sales!). I bought one in each size and for now the medium sized ones are just right for Baby B. I like them so far! They are easy to put on (I had the snaps added so I wouldn't have to use a snappi), seem absorbent, and they came in my favorite robot print! The top picture shows how the go on and the bottom shows one opened all the way up. They are not water proof and require a cover, but they are a lot cheaper than most diapers and the tabs make them more convenient than a standard prefold. It seems like a good balance of cheap & easy!

Newborn Fitteds - No, no newborn on the horizon, but I found these on a local used diaper site for a STEAL ($5.50 each) so I'll just be stashing them in the closet until they are called into action. These are made of organic cotton and ohmygoodness they are so itty bitty! I forgot babies could be so small! They will need a waterproof cover for serious use, but will make some doggone cute naked baby pictures without one!

Last but not least....

Grovia All-in-One - Fun story, I participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change earlier this year (something about setting a world record for most cloth diapers changed at once, but let's face it, I only went for the prizes) and my friend (who swears by Grovia and uses them almost exclusively) told me that the first 1000 to submit a picture of their baby wearing a Grovia at the event would win a free diaper! My friend very graciously lent me one of hers for the change and, sure enough, I got this guy! ROBOTS. I'm in love. This is different than any of my other diapers because it is an all-in-one, meaning that it doesn't require stuffing inserts because all the pieces are attached together. So we'll see how it goes!

You are, once again, up to speed on all things diaper. You're welcome. My husband hopes it will be a good while before I have even more diapers to talk about. :) Speaking of said husband....

After reading the Hunger Games, we decided to try out another series by Suzanne Collins called Gregor the Overlander. Has anybody read these? We just checked out the first one from the library. It was a fun read, really different from the hunger games. :)

And seriously, does anybody NOT want a baby to cloth diaper after you see how cute these are?!


  1. Loved the article and LOVED the Overlander series - even more so than the Hunger Games books. I was even sad to read the last book. Can't wait until my DD is big enough for me to read them to her and have her understand them!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you read them! Most people haven't even hear of them, ha ha. :) We really like them too, I couldn't put them down.