Wednesday, August 15

Squeaky Clean

We're just going to go ahead and get all this crazy hippie stuff out of the way. :) Besides simplifying our personal care products (and choosing more natural options), we've been doing the same things with our cleaning supplies. At the moment, this is my go-to cleaning arsenal:

 My favorite things about this: 
  1. It's so compact! We condensed several specialty cleaners down to just a few multipurpose items instead.
  2. It's safe! No harmful chemicals any where in the mix. We keep them out of Baby B's reach but even if he were to get a hold of them we don't have to worry.
  3. The homemade cleaners are SUPER cheap.
 So let's take a closer look in the basket. What I've been using the most lately (ever since I learned how to make them from my friend Kelsey!) are my two homemade cleaners. So easy to make, and super safe to use. The blue bottle is just a mix of water and white vinegar, about 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. This is great for things like windows, a quick wipe down of the counter top, and even my hardwood floors. The pink bottle it a little tougher. It's made by mixing 1/3 white vinegar, a couple tablespoons baking soda (cover it because it will bubble!), a few drops of tea tree oil, and then filled up the rest of the way (2/3) with water. You can also add other essential oils to make it smell yummy. :) I use that for heavier cleaning jobs like cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen floors. I've also found several site with great info about natural cleaning and more recipes for homemade cleaners that I want to try here, here, here, and here.

 Before I learned to make my own, I was using these cleaners from Mr's Jones' Soapbox on etsy. I have Clean and Soapy. I use Clean for everything - counter tops, bathroom, quick floor wipe ups, etc. The soaps I use more for big jobs because it has to be diluted in water - scrubbing the whole floor for example (and for the toilet bowl). Mrs. Jones has great examples of what each cleaner should be used for as well. I have been really happy with how well they work, and they smell great! The only down side for me is that they are a little pricey. I was able to get these bottles from her scratch & dent section for a little less, and refills are a little cheaper than your first bottle.

Also in my basket is baking soda, white vinegar, and some rags. I use the baking soda & vinegar for making my cleaners, but I also like to have them around for tough jobs like cleaning the tub.

I do still have a few less natural items like magic erasers and dawn dish soap tucked away for when I really need them.

 And when I'm not cleaning (which, let's face it, is most of the time) I keep all my cleaners safely tucked away up in the coat closet in the green tub.

 For cleaning our dishes I've been using Seventh Generation dish soap and dishwasher detergent. The dish soap has been working wonderfully! I don't think I'll ever go back. The dishwasher detergent hasn't been as thrilling in its results, but it's doing enough for now. I'm thinking I may look up recipes to try something homemade instead....

If you want more cleaning tips and tricks, you can check out my Health & Home board on Pinterest. And if you're wondering what Baby B and N do while I'm cleaning, here are a couple pics I snapped out the window....

Do you have a favorite natural cleaner? Ever made your own?


  1. I dabble in homemade cleaning/laundry products. My glass cleaner works better than any commercial products I've tried, and I'm satisfied with the homemade liquid fabric softener I made. Got lazy, though, and bought a bottle of the eco-friendly stuff when I ran out.

    Great post, complete with Baby B pics. :)

    1. I thought you would like the pics. :)
      What do you use in your glass cleaner? I'm looking forward to trying out some other recipes to find what I like best!

  2. I recently made this one and absolutely love it. I made it with sweet and orange and tea tree oil and it smells great! The only thing it doesn't work on is the hardwood floors--leaves them pretty streaky. We recently had a bout of a little stomach bug here, and I've got to say I have never used anything that did such a great job on vomit. The couch, the carpet, the carseat where my two preschoolers lost their cookies are all 100% cleaned and smelling fresh thanks to the vinegar in this cleaner!

    1. That sounds awesome! Definitely adding it to my list of recipes to try. Thanks! :)

  3. I have started using a water vinegar mixture with peppermint essential oil and I love it! I am excited to try more and experiment with a homemade laundry detergent.

    1. Oooo, peppermint sounds great! Let me know if you find a laundry detergent you like! I've wanted to try that but I'm not sure how it would work with cloth diapers. I need to do some research first. :)