Thursday, August 2

You Light Up My Living Room

Our living room tends to be on the dark side. Darth Vader will be thrilled. I think I've mentioned before that this biggest, most-used room in our home doesn't have one single ceiling light. I'd love to have a word with whoever designed that electrical plan. But I digress. We've found ourselves over the last year and a half trying to find some way to brighten things up. I just realized I've never posted any full shots of our living room! I'm sure there is a good reason. So for your viewing pleasure.... ta da!

Yep, now I remember the reason. During the day it stays fairly bright in there because that window is on the south side of the house (but I do have our dining light on in the pic above). We've been trying all kinds of lamps around the room - the floor lamp has been moved back and forth around the sofa (but it doesn't give enough light and takes up precious floor space!), we have a couple on top of the entertainment center (cute, but again not enough!), a lamp on the console table, and of course the pendant light over the table. But non of this stopped the couch side of the room from plummeting into near darkness once the sun went down. So I turned to the happiest place on earth for help - Ikea! And as usual they did not disappoint.

Sconces! Woot! Also known as the perfect way to light up BOTH ends of the couch (I know, I'm a radical) without taking up an inch of floor space!

 Ikea actually had a bigger selection of wall lamps & sconces than I expected (see them all here) but even when I stumbled across these guys, I wasn't sold at first. I mean, I was sold on the idea of sconces, but the online picture wasn't doing a whole lot for me. But the drum-ish shade seemed promising, and the $20 price tag almost irresistible so I planned to check them out in person next time we were at Ikea. And I'm so glad I did! Seeing them "for real life" (as my little sister use to say) and especially lit up totally convinced me.

 They were really easy to put up, too. There is a metal plate you attach to the wall and then the lamp slides right on. We have them plugged in back behind the couch. And they get the job done! This is quite possibly the worst picture I've ever taken (so of course I'm putting it on the "world wide internet computer web") but it at least kind of shows how much they light up the living room. Kind of. And no, I don't know how to take pictures at night time. Thank you for asking.

We hung them just high enough to be above the couch but not so high that we can see the bulbs when we are sitting down. I love that they are clean and white and simple and not too big or overpowering for the space! I think white is one of my new favorites. I'll take some more, please.  I also love the little bit of texture the basket weave shade and metal base add. (Sometimes I like to crop the floor out of my pictures and pretend it's all tidy. Now you know my secrets.)

We've still got some more work to do in the living room, but at least now we'll be able to see what we're doing!

Have you been on any lighting adventures lately?


  1. Haha can I just say... have you been looking at my house?! I have the same curtains an mirror :) Great minds think alike I suppose! I love the new sconces. Such a great idea and I often overlook them when I'm shopping for lighting, don't ask me why! We live 4 hours from IKEA and I think whenever I walk in the door my eyes just get overwhelmed with sparkles and cheap prices. I love their lighting though so good for you for taking advantage of it! I can't take night photos either :( Anyway, love the new look! Great drapes ;)

    1. That is so funny! You obviously have great taste. :) I overlooked them for quite a while myself - until we exhausted our other options without success. Ha ha. There is an Ikea 5 minutes from my in-laws so we go every time we visit them!

  2. Love the sconces, and what a perfect solution to the lighting problem. I can feel a visit to IKEA coming on, since I have wanted sconces on either side of our bed for like ever. There's a night table on Larry's side with a rather dim lamp, and an antique highboy on my side with...a pretty little 'stained glass' mini lamp. No reading any 'real' books in bed for me without the awkward booklight.

    Love the look, but I must admit to some disappointment here. NO pictures of Baby B!

    1. A trip to Ikea is always a good idea. :) Sconces would be awesome for by the bed! I'd love to see what you end up with.
      Sorry for the lack of Baby B! I'll do better next time! :)