Monday, November 26

My First ORB

I finally did it. I bought into all Pinterest hype and bought my first can of ORB spray paint. That's pinterest-talk for Oil Rubbed Bronze. Just in case you're as far behind the trend as I seem to be. :) Anywho, I finally found the perfect project to try it out on. You may remember that I found new lamps for our bedroom when I raided the thrift store... um... three months ago? Yes, they've been sitting unfinished and unused that long. BUT they are finally about to live up to their potential!

I started by covering all the parts I didn't want to paint. I used painters tape to cover the tops... and ran out of tape. So I just grabbed some aluminum foil to wrap up the cords. If I did it again I would get a little more tape to secure the foil to the cord right at the base of the lamp because the foil shifted a little as I moved the lamps around. Then I was ready to paint! This paint has a built in primer so I just dove right in. I did about 3-4 thin, even coats to get complete coverage. I started setting the lamps on an old box, but I found I had better luck getting even coverage on the curves by holding each lamp by the top and rotating them all around while I sprayed.

Ignore the white things. They're for later. :)

I only had to wait about a minute between coats so this really was a fast & easy makeover! After the final coat, I carefully took them in the garage to cure and air out for a couple days before removing the tape and hauling them up to the bedroom.

I have to say, I totally get why this paint is so popular. Holy cow. It is so rich and shimmery and actually looks like metal! I think I love it.

I love the metal texture it adds to our room! And it loos really sharp against our pale yellow walls, and works really well with the wood tones too. 

I'll share some better pics when I get the lamps shades on and... you know... the bed made. :)

Anybody else hopping on the ORB train? Anything you would LOVE to ORB? I have a whole list of things to try it on now :)

And because we all love him - a Baby B snippet. He discovered footie jammies and LOVES them. So much so that he insists on wearing pants OVER the jammies just so he doesn't have to take them off. He's a keeper. 

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  1. Woah! These look so expensive now! Nice eye for the shape of those lamps - they look perfect with their new coat of paint.