Tuesday, May 28

Branching Out

I feel like my style is always changing. And I think it's for the better. So lately I've been trying to branch out. For some reason I tend to decorate with things that are simple with clean lines but I've realized that the spaces I really enjoy, that really catch my eye, are the ones that have a more eclectic style. Spaces that feel more comfortable and relaxed. And that's what I want.

One of my favorite inspirations for this is InSideways. I love how she can make a space feel so inviting and unique, but still totally liveable. And it still looks clean and simple - I think because she chooses pieces carefully and doesn't let anything extra in. I think one thing I don't like about my home right now is that it just feels so full. We need some clean, open spaces, so I need to learn to get rid of the extras so the important things have room to shine. I'm working on that.

I'm sure it will be a long process to get to wherever I'm headed. :) But for now I'm taking some baby steps toward a more eclectic style, starting with collecting some unique pieces (and ditching the cookie-cutter pieces they replace). So I bought this end table the other day.

It was $12. And it's something I never would have bought a year ago. When I saw it I just thought, "wow, that's different." So I decided to give it a shot. It's probably going to need some love. The finish is pretty rough.

But it has these great details on the top that I'll probably lose if I try to strip it down and refinish it.

My normal response for something like this would be to sand it down and paint it but, remember, I'm trying to branch out! And isn't the aged look half the charm? I don't know! I never let anything stay that way! So I'm just going to leave it alone until I decide.

In the mean time, B has realized this table is just his size and the perfect place to eat lunch. So it's still sitting by our dining table to be he own special little spot.

Just watch out for watermelon thieves!

He still loves his aunt Beffy, in spite of her thievery.

What would you do with this? Leave it? Sand it down and refinish it? Paint it?


  1. We have alot of older items in our home, and we enjoy knowing that those items have character and a past story. We typically leave those items exactly as we found them, but with a good all over scrubbing and cleaning.

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! We decided to leave it just how it is. :)

  2. Your leather top table is very interesting. There are beautiful cleaners you can buy just made for cleaning up and bringing back the luster to old pieces. Mostly found at antique stores.. It really makes a big difference. But, you probably already know that. What ever you decide to do with it. I am sure it will be wonderful. Hugs, Cindy

    1. I didn't know that, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. No help here. I'm still trying to decide whether to leave my mother's small, solid maple china cabinet stained or (gasp) paint it white and distress it. So far, I can't bear to change it. I don't even want to oil the hinges to stop the squeaking when opened/closed. That squeak said Mom was making dinner for company.

    There may or may not be a photo around here of me sitting in front of that cabinet as a kid, hair in a pony tail, eating a slice of watermelon and not looking happy that the camera was pointing my way.

    I also bought a dark antique dresser for $15 from a stranger and like it that way.

    Or maybe I'm just...lazy?

    At any rate, always nice to see Baby B!!!

    1. Aww Rhetta, that's such a memory. ;) I did decide to leave it as-is (for now at least!) and I'm really loving it!