Thursday, May 9

Metal Basket Resuscitation

I love using wire baskets for storage. But they can be a little on the pricey side, so I've only bought new once (and I had a gift card. I'm cheap.). But I've collected a few nice, sturdy baskets for $1-2 each at yard sales over the past year or so. The only problem with these cheaper alternatives is that they all seem to have something in common... they are crazy rusty. So they haven't actually been very useful because I don't want them to ruin any of my stuff. And then I had the big "duh" moment a few weeks ago (why does it always take me a few years to get to the "duh?") and realized I could just paint them!


The one nice basket I have is an ORB finish and I wanted to match the finish with my rust buckets, so I pulled out my new favorite spray paint.

I started using a stiff brush to remove any loose rust (I'm not sure if it made a difference or not) and wiped it with a wet rag to remove any dust. Then I just gave it a few coats of paint until it was all covered. And don't forget to flip it over and do the bottom!

Then I just left them outside to cure for a few hours before bringing them back in and loading them up with fabric. I LOVE storing my fabric like this because it looks so pretty and I can always see what I have.

And I'm so happy with how the finish turned out. I was a little sad
to paint over the sweet tag on this one, but it actually turned out pretty cool. No complaints here. :)

What's that? You want a few fun B facts? Here you go. He likes to pick out his own outfits now. Today the winner was a Ninja Turtle shirt with fire truck jammie pants. Boy's got style.

Also, he's pretty sure he can start the blender with my keys.

Any one else done any basket painting lately?

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  1. Bought a green birdcage last year at a rummage sale and was just debating about hitting it up with ORB. I think your post sealed the deal.

    And yes, please keep those B facts coming! :)