Wednesday, January 15

Christmas Eve Box

This is something I've heard about for a while and we were so excited to give it a try this year! It's a special present for the boys to open Christmas Eve.

We wanted to include matching jammies for the boys to wear Christmas Eve & Christmas day, and when I got a $10 Kohl's coupon in the mail I knew it was time! We thought about doing Christmassy jammies but when we stumbled across these fire trucks we knew Big Brother would love them. And we were able to find some that at least kind of matched in both of their sizes. The jammies were originally $10 each so with my coupon it ended up being just $10 total for both pairs! I washed them as soon as we got home so they would be ready to go for the boys. The only other thing we purchased for the box was Planes on black Friday for $10, which put us at just $20 for the full box.

Here's what all we included:

And just like that we had an evening full of fun with a movie, snacks, and new jammies!

Big Brother had so much fun opening this first gift. He was so excited about the jammies ("we be matchers!")  and airplane movie... but he was crazy excited about the marshmallows. He LOVES marshmallows and doesn't get them very often. The recipe made a lot more but I just filled a small jar because I knew he would eat whatever I gave him. They lasted maybe 15 minutes. :)

Has anyone else done this? It was so much fun and we definitely want to do it again next year!

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