Wednesday, January 22

Those Frames in the Office {and a real-life timeline}

I like to keep things realistic around here as much as possible. I get so frustrated when I see things on pinterest that are supposed to be so fast and easy and I can't even get halfway through it because my baby is feeling crabby. So from time to time I like to show what my real-life time scale looks like. Like in my kitchen that still isn't done... and we started in 2010. Half the cabinets have had knobs for months and, although we have all the knobs, the other half still don't. Yup.

So today we're going to flash back to 2012 When I found these cheap frames and hung them in the office. This is where I left you:

Well last summer I finally got around to painting all the frames white. And didn't even take pictures. Then in a pre-Christmas sale at I finally ordered some pictures!

A big part of the reason we waited so long was that I wanted to do something more artsy in the frames. But I realized that something in them was better than nothing. And, hey, my kids are adorbs so why not?!

So this is more what it looks like today. We've made other changes (improvements?) too but I fell like we're still working on it. And it would probably look better with the bed made but that was a losing battle at the time with a little boy in the room. He was going for the "lived in" look.

As far as other changes, we switched the nightstand to this side of the bed and slid the bed against the wall. So we can't easily get to the under-bed storage on that side (you better believe I stashed stuff in there anyway) but we gained some floor space and the room feels more open.

See that wooden corner peeking into the pic below? That's our entertainment center. In the office/guest room, now serving as a mega bookshelf/printer holder. Lots of good storage in there, although not picture pretty yet. Also not picture pretty - our new living room layout sans entertainment center, and my new mama-zone (a.k.a. where the other shelves, fabric, and sewing machine moved to in the basement). So you have those to look forward too.

Oh, and curtains! I stashed the DIY striped curtains for now because I still like them, but I didn't like that the color of the drop cloth was so close to the wall color. So I pulled out these white curtains that used to be in the nursery (good thing I'm a curtain hoarder... right?) and it was such a difference! Crisp and clean and lots of contrast.

So that's about where we're at now... but wait, what's this?

Oh, it's Big Brother!

Hard at work measuring things with the tape measure he swiped from my sewing stuff. He doesn't know it's a trick though, I actually found that cheapy blue one and bought it just for his swiping purposes. Boy likes to "help."

So anyway, today's lesson is that Pinterest lies. If this shows up on pinterest as a quick and easy frame idea, just know it took me almost two years. So cut yourself some slack. Thank you.

I'm not the only one who does this right? Please tell me you have projects that go on indefinitely, too. Please.

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