Saturday, March 15

A Day at the Museum(s)

Husband had a day off this week for spring break and it just so happened a few nearby museums had free admission the same day! So we packed some snacks, hopped on a train, and made a day of it. Our first stop was the Museum of Science and Industry.

Seriously boys, am I the only one having fun here?

That's better.

Little Brother checking out the tractor tires.

Big Brother insisted it was Baby Brother's turn to ride and pushed him around for a while.

He gets extra chins when he sleeps.

We had took a break to eat our packed lunch then headed to the Field Museum. There are quite a few sections that would be more interesting to older kids, so we just hit up the animal and dinosaur areas.

Look out behind you!!!

All in a dinosaur footprint. And yes, I am the same color as the walls. They have excellent taste. And I need some sun.

Doing some serious thinking. Now he's started saying "I'm doing science."

You guys. We found a crocodile. Maybe the highlight of his day.

My favorite was looking at bugs. "It's up high. Me jump me see it!"

It was a beautiful day so we wrapped up with a walk along the lake to Millennium Park and had dinner at Potbelly's. All in all, a super fantastic day off. What have you guys been up to?

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