Friday, March 14

Kitchen Conversion Chart {free printable}

I'm always looking for new ways organize... everything. My home, my thoughts, my plans for dinner. I'm one of those people who need things written down in front of me if I'm going to remember. My phone has an alarm for every birthday, and I have at least 6 tabs open on my browser at all times. That last one drives my husband crazy. Speaking of Husband, I've lost count of how many times I've asked him how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon when I'm trying to double a recipe. FYI it's three. Clearly if I don't remember by now, it's time to make a cheat sheet. And I have the perfect spot! I found these adhesive cork boards at a yard sale last summer and put them up inside one of our kitchen cabinets. It's a great place to keep the recipe I need for dinner or new recipes I want to remember to try.

It's easy to access while I'm cooking so it's the perfect spot for my cheat sheet. I couldn't find a chart that had all the details I wanted to include so I made my own! All the measurements and hints I need in one handy chalkboard-style printable:

It has basic conversions for cups, to ounces, to tablespoon, to teaspoons, along with cooking temperatures for meat and a few other helpful goodies.

You can print a kitchen conversion chart here.

I like the fun chalkboard-look and it's been really helpful already!

What's your favorite trick for staying organized in the kitchen?


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  2. thanks for the free, printable kitchen conversion -- i love it! more success! =)