Tuesday, June 17


Yard season is in full swing around here! This last weekend was the first time I've really jumped in, thanks to a neighborhood wide sale. As you guys know, you usually have to hit a lot of sales to find the good stuff and it's hard to do that with the chitlins in tow. So a neighborhood sale where we're able to get out a stroller and walk a while (meaning no in-and-out of carseats) is our ticket to a good haul. And we lucked out this time when one of the houses we stopped at had little fella clothes (in great condition to boot) for just $0.50 a piece, which is my goal price for dressing my boys! Here is the total haul (minus a magna-doodle that couldn't be pried from a little boy's sticky fingers) for a total of $9.95. Keep reading for the full breakdown!

$3.00 - three summer outfits for Baby Brother

$3.00 - three fall outfits for Baby Brother

$2.00 - two too small summer outfits... but I may know someone who can use them. We have a cousin on the way, folks!

$1.00 - six pairs of socks for Baby Brother

$0.10 - Rachel Ray cookbook (because why not for $0.10?)

$0.50 - magna-doodle. Easily the best purchase of the day. The drawer on the side is full of magnet shapes and Big Brother has already played with it for hours!

$0.35 - two little glass bowls to add to my kitchen windowsill.

I already have an aloe plant and another succulent on the windowsill and I'm excited to add a couple more!

And yes. We do have a dino infestation. No plant is safe.

That's it for me this week! Anyone else been hitting the yard sale circuit? What's your best find so far?

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