Saturday, March 12

Moving On

We moved. I spent the few weeks leading it up to it in denial, and refusing to think about it. But now it's done. And here we are. And it's going to be great.

Husband got a new job that moved us from Illinois to Indiana. Which so far as I can tell is exactly the same place. Within a few weeks of the job offer we put most of our earthly possessions in storage, put our house on the market, said goodbye to the home we loved the last five years, and moved a few boxes of necessities into a little duplex we're renting while we look for a permanent place. But I've found, as these days have turned into weeks, that we didn't really say goodbye to our home. We said goodbye to our house. That old, cliche saying is true. Home is where your heart is. And mine is with these boys. So we remember that little house with fondness, but we go on to better things together. And we can't wait to see what comes next!


Here's one last look at the place, all empty and weird.

Now speaking of those boys....

There are actually two of them inside that tent.

Playing our new favorite game - Hedbanz.

 My first solo outing with three boys. First ever. Not just the first in a new town. Getting there was rough. We're talking cry when my GPS stopped working rough. But we made it and the boys did great!

Hobby Lobby is even better with a little cheese.

The littlest one with the chubbiest legs. And ohmygoodness those wrists. And that chin. He's just begging to be squished.

Fancy sand castles. We found a good park for the warm days this week, but I'll be a happy momma when we have a yard again!

One of the things of the hardest things to leave was our church. I've really missed connecting with with those friends and getting a fresh breath to start the week from Pastor Paul. I can't have it all back, but I am so grateful that the sermons are posted on their website! The messages are still so good. You can listen to them here and, seriously, you should.

Hang tight, guys. New adventures ahead!