Thursday, November 21

No-Sew Felt Garland

There's something about Christmas that brings up nostalgia in all of us. We look to our traditions and savor the memories of each Christmas treasure as we pull them from their boxes. And there's something even more special about the handmade Christmas things! So today I'm sharing a project that will bring out the very best parts of Christmas . You'll be making your own Christmas treasure that your family will treasure year after year. It's a cozy handmade felt garland, and it's so easy you can even make with the kids!

My sister taught me to make these garlands last summer on our family vacation and now I can't-stop-won't-stop. They are so easy easy to make because they require absolutely no sewing!

Here's all you need to get started on your own:
  • felt
  • yarn
  • fabric scissors
Seriously, that's it. I used mostly reds and whites to make Christmas garland, but you can use any colors you like! Ready for the super easy steps?

Start by cutting out the shapes you want from the felt. I stuck to circles and stars this time, but you can do whatever you want! I have a couple other examples at the bottom of the post and my sister made the cutest heart garland (you can check it out on her Instagram in her "DIY Crafts" saved stories).

You can google whatever shape you want and print out a paper pattern, then trace the pattern onto the felt with a ballpoint pen and cut them out. I was able to make about 5' of garland from a single sheet of felt!

Then you need to cut two small slits in each felt shape. I marked where you want to cut them on the photo above (kind of like a button). Just fold each shape in half and make two little slits like this:

Wrap tape around the end of your yarn to keep it from unraveling, then poke it through the holes in the felt shape like this:

String all the shapes onto your yarn and space them out evenly. This is a great time to get your kids involved - give them some yarn and a pile of shapes! When you're finished, tie the ends of the yarn onto the first and last shapes to lock them in. You're done! When you're not using your garland, wind it up around a piece of cardboard to keep it from getting tangled.

I stumbled across another garland option as I was stringing the white circles on - if you bunch them together instead of spacing them out, you can make this cute chunky garland instead:

This garland is so easy and affordable, too! With one sheet of felt I was able to make about 5' of circle garland. A sheet of felt is typically between $0.25-$0.50 depending on where you shop. So you can probably wrap a whole tree in garland for under $10! But I think I love it on the mantle even more than a tree.

I love the minimalist/Scandinavian vibe it's giving me!

I actually tried out three different styles of Christmas garland, but you can do any colors and styles you like!

This red star garland is my hands-down favorite! I cut stars out of red felt (you can print any old star off google to use as a pattern if you don't want to draw your own) and strung them on to a white and green yarn.

I also tried out some tan circles for a more neutral vibe, and some simple white circles on a chunky red yarn:

And of course you can stack multiple garlands if you want to. But it's a bit busy for me.

Here are a couple non-Christmas garlands I made over the summer:

This one is phases of the moon with a few stars thrown in:

And this one is just a little boy-ish garland for the boys' room:

And don't forget to check out my sister's heart garland on her Instagram in her "DIY Crafts" saved stories!

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Let me know if you give it a try! Are you DIYing any decor this season?

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  1. I especially like how kid-friendly this is. Nearly any child can help and not "mess it up." Then he/she can proudly say, "I made this!"