Monday, August 29

The Happy Dance

What find at IKEA had me happy dancing all the way home this weekend?

After our family vacation to Outer Banks, NC was cut short by a hurricane evacuation, we headed home with my in-laws to spend our last couple days at their house. This left us plenty of time for a trip to IKEA, only about 5 minutes from their house. We did our shopping, then ran through the "as-is" section on the way out. And that's when my husband spotted it. In all it's enormous-white-shiny glory.  

Did you see that price tag?!? The sink of my dreams (first mentioned here) marked down 87% to only $39.  Be still my heart. I started happy dancing and my husband helped me load it onto a cart and we practically ran out of the store before anyone changed their mind. You can see it was marked down so low because the back corner is broken off, but the corner was with it and if fits back together beautifully. So with a little glue or caulk (we haven't decided on the best approach yet) I can have the otherwise unaffordable sink of my dreams. Yes, please. I'll take a little crack any day for a sink this awesome.

And I'm not kidding about this thing being enormous. It took up most of our back seat squeezed in next to Baby B's car seat. And we have a big car. We got it home and drug it into the house (it's also HEAVY) and I haven't stopped looking at it yet. Or touching it. It's just so beautiful. :) Before my dreams came true, we also picked up a few other things (we don't make it to IKEA very often, so we have to make it count!). :)  Here's what we got:  

  1. Metal shelves for the kitchen 
  2. Support brackets for the fold-down bar
  3. A shelf-thing from "as-is" that we're hoping will work for the bar (if not, I'll make art. Always a good fall-back plan.) :) 
  4. Curtain rods for the office/guest room 
  5. All the curtain ring clips they had left (don't go to IKEA on college move-in weekend! It was a mad house and lots of things were cleaned out! I wanted the ring clips after reading this blog post by Young House Love where they used them as a safety feature in case their baby pulled on the curtains. Such a good idea!)
  6. A fishy ice cube tray that I forgot to put in the picture. Now we can have little ice fishies swimming in our cups.
And that's why I did the happy dance.


  1. Wow, great find. You should add a picture of the front of the sink when you add the fishy ice cube picture.... :-)

  2. ...and why not add a picture of the happy dance? Seriously, congrats on the sink of your dreams! Looks beautiful and functional--the perfect combo.

  3. A front picture is a good idea. The happy dance picture may not be. I never said it was pretty! :)