Saturday, August 27

The Third Room

I don't think you've met our third bedroom yet. It's time to be introduced! This room has been pretty neglected since we moved in about 10 months ago. It's on the first floor next to the bathroom and needs to be multi-purpose to meet all the needs our other rooms don't. We want it to be functional as an office/craft room on a daily basis but also be a comfortable place for our many guests to stay. Let's start with the sketches I drew up, oh, I don't know, 2 months ago. Things move really fast around here. :)

Here is our office when we moved in:

And here is our long-term plan:

The Details:
1. Relocate the sewing table to use as a  nightstand.

2. Rotate the bed to a different wall and leave space on both sides. We are going to build a new bed based on Ana White's Hailey Storage Bed plan that will have storage underneath and upgrade to a full-size bed in the process to better house our many guests.

3. Add curtains. I'm thinking about yellow and maybe striped? I LOVE these curtains by The Nester and want to recreate them in a color that will work in this room. I'll either sew stripes or try this tutorial for painting or this tutorial for stenciling. Although now that I look at this pic again I still love the brown. Ugh. I'm so indecisive sometimes. :)

4. Paint the walls gray. Not a color I usually choose, but I thought it would be fun for this room!

5. Add a rug to define the sleeping area and add some comfort & texture to the room. I would love to do something like this from West Elm, but cheaper would be great. :)

6. Bring in a chair that used to be in the living room. It's an IKEA chair we bought back when we were first married.

7. Move the desk so it's not visible straight through the door. This is because it's usually a mess and I'm embarrassed to leave the door open. ;)

8. Add some built-in shelving in the closet to organize my craft & sewing supplies.

9. Refinish the original hardwood floors. We're working up to this one, too. The nursery floor is still too fresh in our minds and we aren't up to a repeat yet! The good news is that this is the last floor we'll have to finish. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

10. Paint the bookcase a lighter coordinating color and bring in the book shelves from the living room for even more storage.

So that's the plan. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some progress. And I realized I don't have any actual pictures of the room, so I'll work on that too. :)


  1. This is a wonderful idea. What program did you use to create this floor plan. I've been looking for a program to help me accomplish this.

    1. Thanks! I use a free program called google SketchUp. :)