Wednesday, August 31


Since hurricane evacuations cut the vacation with my in-laws short, we ended up at their house in Michigan for the weekend. Luckily I married well and my mom- & sister-in-law love yard sale shopping too! We hit the sales together Saturday morning and walked away with some pretty good finds. Here's what I grabbed:

$1.00 - metal basket (for organizing fabric) & blue metal tub (maybe for outdoor toys?)

$0.25 - basket. I love baskets. 

$3.00 - Nate the Great book, hanging toy organizer, & 2 hanging pendant lights for Baby B's room (I think I'll put them in place of the mobile when he's older)

My hubs also found a large mini fridge for his basement bar project for $40...sorry, no pic for this one. I call it post-vacation-laziness. It will pass. I hope. :)

Tuck & Run: My tuck in run actually came from IKEA this week! You can read all about it here. I'm still feeling giddy about the whole thing. :)

It was so fun to hit the sales with my other-mother & -sister! Hope to do it again soon!

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  1. When my friend and I ran into your other mother at a church rummage sale, we KNEW we'd come to a good place. She has a sense about these things (as do you, obviously).

    I love baskets too but haven't been able to score a cool wire model yet. Maybe I need to stalk your mother-in-love.