Friday, April 20

Hello to Houseplants

The Nester has been doing a series about using plants in your home, and I am inspired! After reading part 2, I decided to take on the homework. And I am SO happy I did.

 The assignment was to go buy one of the Nester's favorite, easy care plants - a succulent. I shopped around a little and the cheapest one's I found were at Lowe's for $3 each. More than I hoped, but went for it anyway and even walked away with two succulents instead of just one! I don't know what that cute little guy is called, but the bigger one is aloe vera. I picked these ones because I knew I wanted to pot them together and thought the colors and shapes complimented each other well while still creating contrast. Doesn't it sound fancy when I say it like that? :) I found a plain white pot in the garage and tucked the little happy guys in with some potting soil.

 And I didn't stop there. I also purchased another recommended plant - a snake plant. This one was only $2 (woot!) and I really like the clean shape. Plus the one the Nester has is pretty big, so I'm hopeful this guy will be a long-term plant that will grow into a nice, big, eye catcher. This guy's pot was a hand-me-down from my dad and I'm glad to finally be doing it justice!

My only other plant so far is a small pot of tulips I found at Trader Joe's for $2.50. I planned to re-pot them on the front porch, the the last few days have been pretty chilly so they are living on the table instead. I'm actually glad because I get to enjoy them much more this way. Although I probably should go ahead and put them in a nicer pot. :)

That's the extent of my houseplant adventure so far. I'm already really happy with how they make the whole house seem fresh and alive. And how them make me smile every time I walk by. How have not tried houseplants sooner? I'm keeping my eyes open for cheaper succulents and a few other plants the Nester suggested and hoping to have a plant in every room soon!

The Nester also has me itching to experiment with planters, terrariums, and fairy gardens around the house. I am totally convinced this house needs more plants. Are you a fan of houseplants? What's your favorite kind? Any advice for this newbie?


  1. We just posted a succulent project the other day - aren't they the best?! We used sifters as planters and a terrarium, but I love the fairy garden that you linked to - SO CUTE!! If you make a fairy garden in the future then please post about it - I'd love to see it!

    Also love your tulips and snake plant - great job!! :)


    1. Thank you so much! Succulents are my new favorite. :) And I will definitely post if I do a fairy garden!

  2. Yay for houseplants!!!! They look super great Georgia :)

    PS I think Succulents might be a little cheaper at Home Depot. I feel like I usually spend about $2 on the teeny tiny ones.

    1. Sad day, we don't have Home Depot. :( Thanks for the tip, though! I will have to check next time I'm near one. :)

  3. I was around in the 70's when houseplants hung all over people's houses, including mine. Have you seen photos of those hippie macrame plant hangers? You could find them right above the orange shag carpeting, next to the bright yellow countertops.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see houseplants making a comeback sans macrame. Yours are very cute. I like succulents. Is that a mustache on Baby B?

  4. They all look great! Here's to healthy plants!!!!

  5. Love your houseplants. They look great.