Thursday, April 5

Birthday Banner

I still can't believe a certain little boy is almost 1! And just to make sure everyone else knows who the birthday boy is, I whipped up this little project....

I used the same color card stock from the garland I made and cut each sheet in half to get two long strips. I folded each in half and cut out a pennant shape (like below). Then I cut the letters of Baby B's name out of contrasting card stock and glued one on each pennant with elmer's glue. I just free-handed my letters, but you could also print some out.

 I used the same string from my garland project to string my pennants together.

 I put two dots of hot glue near the fold of each flag and stuck down the string.

 I put another small dot near the the bottom to keep the flag closed a little better. Then I just folded down the top flap to close it up.

 And I ended up with this cool name banner! (that I didn't manage to get a clear picture of. my bad.) It was really simple, cheap project and it will make a great background for birthday pictures!

But for now it just sits in my basket of birthday decorations, waiting for it's big debut. ;)


  1. I LOVE bunting. Period. Yours looks great!!!

    1. Bunting! That's the right word! I was throwing out all kinds of names and none of them were quite right, haha. :) Thanks!