Monday, December 31

Bring it, 2013! (& a discount)

Wowza. I can't believe 2013 is right around the corner. My husband & I went out to celebrate our anniversary (#5! What?!) a couple days ago and spent a good chunk of time reflecting on 2012 and dreaming about 2013. And, you know, eating ice cream. It was our anniversary after all. :) Here were some of our highlights (& lowlights):

  • #1 Observation: The year we really started learning to be parents. And holy cow, it is hard. We feel totally put through the ringer and Baby isn't even 2 yet. Heaven help us in the teenage years. 
  • Baby B turned one.
  • Baby B discovered camping, and was totally ga-ga for it. We definitely have to do this every year. 
  • Baby B was ring-bearer in his Uncle's wedding. Though he didn't bear any rings or even walk down the aisle. Did we mention he did awesome in rehearsal?
  • We got new bikes and a bike cart, and had a blast with them!
  • We were tired. Always. Baby B didn't sleep through the night until very, very recently, and not at all when he was sick. It was exhausting.
  • It's... different... to be a husband/wife with a baby in the family. We both are still getting used to the family dynamic. It's a hard change, but we know it will be good.
  • The blog kind of took off a little because of this post (which hit over 100,000 pins on Pinterest), and we spent months working on our big October series.  
  • We were tired. I said that already? We were really tired.
  • It was hard to get anything else done while raising a baby. Especially when we collapse on the couch when he finally goes to sleep. Dishes? Meh. Laundry? It's fine. Shower? Tomorrow. Let's just watch Harry Potter and fall asleep on the couch. A lot of things fell through the cracks and went unfinished this year, but it was all we could manage during this phase of our lives. 
  • In Summary: We have no idea what we're doing over here, and (despite some fun times and wonderful memories) 2012 is one year we are glad to say goodbye too. Which is a little sad, because we've never felt that way about a year before! 
  • Finally finish our almost-done-for-months-now kitchen! Shallow? Maybe. But good gravy I just want it done.
  • N will finish his qualifications for the CPA exam - which will hopefully open up all kinds of new job opportunities for him!
  • Find our groove again and make life happen. 
  • Unveil the major addition to the website that N has been working on.
  • Lots of quality time with Baby B! We're so excited that he is getting old enough to do fun activities. We're scoping out the museum free days and thinking about getting a zoo pass! Not to mention lots of bike rides & splashing in the pool this summer. 
  • Start doing family devotions.
  • Just wait and see what God has in store for us! He's been faithful through all our highs and lows, and we know he's got big plans for our 2013.
Here's to an amazing new year!

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So how about you? How was your 2012? Any plans or goals for 2013?

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  1. Life goes by fast. Tell those you love that you love them. I love you.