Sunday, December 23

Hot Chocolate Station

I am not a winter girl. I love summer and sun and heat. So one of my favorite things about winter is staying tucked inside my warm house with a cozy blanket and a hot drink! Emphasis on the "hot drink" part. So I decided this year to make getting those hot drinks even easier. I made a hot chocolate station!

A hot drink station, really, I also love a good cup of tea. :) It's just a simple tray that I painted and stocked with mugs, spoons, and all kinds of drink options. Now everything is in one handy place on the counter. Want to make your own? Here's how....

I started by grabbing this old tray that we haven't used in months. I wanted to give it a more wintery/Christmas feel so I decided to paint over the mod podge fabric in the bottom. I painted it a light grayish, using plain acrylic paints (no pic, sorry!).

Then I drew up a design I liked in photoshop (comfort and joy - two things I get from hot drinks!) and printing it out. I made a pdf of the design that you are welcome to use if you want! Just print it out and tape the two pages together.

Print the Comfort & Joy pdf - Page 1, Page 2

I flipped it over and used a pencil to color the outline of the letters.

Then I laid the image right-side-up in the tray and centered it.

I used a pen to trace around all the letters...

... which left light pencil lines behind!

Then I just filled in the letter outlines. I used white for "comfort" and "joy" and gray for the "&".

After the paint dried I used a coat of mod podge to seal it. And I really love how it turned out!

Of course, then I loaded it up with cups and drink mixes so I can't even really see it anymore. :) But it still makes me smile. And I get a little peek every time I make up a cup of tea.

I think I'll go make one now. This was really a fast project. The longest part was of course painting the letters, but it's pretty fun too!

After I made my tray, I still had time to deep clean the floors in the nursery for the first time in *mumble*. This involved throwing lots of cushions and pillows and toys onto the bed to keep them out of the way. Baby B immediately declared it his throne. I think we'll do it again tomorrow. Just for fun. :)

What's your favorite hot drink? I pretty much like everything except coffee. :)

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  1. Chai tea or flavored coffee are two of my favorite hot drinks. I lean towards coffee in the wintertime.