Tuesday, December 11

Misleading Gift Challenge

When wrapped gifts are going to be visible before they can be opened, it's important to wrap them in a way that misleads the recipient. Here's a gift I wrapped for my sister:

See? You can clearly tell what's under the wrapping paper...except that it wasn't a pony at all! It was a book! Tricked!

Can you think of a misleading way to wrap a gift? Try this out on a friend or family member this year, and send me a picture of your wrapped masterpiece!


  1. Haha... awesome :) I'll have to try that this year. Been looking for a way to spice up my Daddy's boring gift requests!

    Shout out to you in my latest post - THE GREAT LAUNDRY ROOM OVERHAUL

    1. Ha ha, have fun! :)
      And thanks so much for the shout out! Can't wait to see it finished! :)