Saturday, December 29

The Christams Boy

Well guys, I think it's safe to say my blog has been a little... lazy lately. Oops. I had all this great Christmas stuff planned and even took lots of pictures. Then I spent so much time on the projects and Christmas fun and, you know, napping, that I never even got them on the computer. Double oops. But they're here now! So I hope your ready for some Christmas goodies in January... and I apologize for the super-lateness. :) While I'm sorting through the pictures and projects, here are a TON of pictures of Baby B's 2nd Christmas. Enjoy, Grandma! ;)

Putting up the tree!

We put all the "unbreakable" ornaments on the bottom of the tree. Ha.

This Elvis sings, which was his downfall. After his 3rd emergency surgery, he decided to live on the counter instead.

And a talking "I Love Lucy" that also lives on the counter now. We greatly underestimated his ornament breaking skillz.

Making salt dough gift tags.

He's such a careful helper!

Learning it's yucky... but still smiling!

Walking down the block with Dada to check out the big inflatables. I unfortunately did not get a picture of Baby B charging the inflatables and the Dada dragging him away. ;)

Fort building!

And the walls came a tumblin' down....

Angel hair pasta. Best lunch ever.

Baby B was up to the challenge.

His less successful attempt.

Lip extension is directly proportional to pasta eating success. Win.

Christmas! Well, we did our Christmas a few days early before we went to visit family. I realized way too late my camera settings were all wonky. So let's just be thankful I have any pictures!

Baby B's first Bible. :)

Wooden tool set... we almost didn't give him the other present. He was having so much fun! That hammer is his new favorite thing. He likes to bang on my bedroom door and yell "mama! MAMA!"

And a train set - another big winner!

Sledding with the aunties. First time in snow and first time on a sled! His auntie B is going to pull him to the hill.

"AAAHH! What's this stuff on my glove?!?"

He was not crazy about the sled.

First trip down!

Telling Auntie B in no uncertain terms to get up and go back up the hill. He has a bossy streak. But he makes up for it with cuteness and big blue eyes. :)

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things... isn't sure he's having fun.


This was his face for every trip. Until he decided he didn't like it and started crying if we even took him near a sled. Poor guy. But there was a playground nearby so he still ended up having a fun time!

So there's a peek at Baby B's Christmas #2. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your pictures and Baby B's 2nd Christmas :)