Saturday, December 1

Pay it Forward Christmas

I know "paying it forward" is definitely not a new idea, but it's something that we want to be more intentional about this Christmas season. Just the idea of using our blessings to bless someone else is what this time of year should be all about. After all, Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift we've been given! Grace, mercy, and LIFE in Christ! Anyone want to join me?

Here's how the idea came around - a friend of mine posted on facebook a few days ago and said she was making a few small gifts and would ship them to anyone who needed a little help this holiday season. How amazingly generous was that?? I know some of us can't afford huge gifts or donations, but even a little bit can make a big difference to a child (and their parents!) on Christmas morning.  So I started thinking about what I could do this year, and decided to make a few of my favorite friendly monsters.

And a couple crayon rolls (crayons not included - I'm afraid they would break during shipping!).

And with those, I would like to offer three little stocking stuffer gifts to anyone (in the continental US please!) who could use a little boost this season. Whatever the reason. Or maybe you know a friend or neighbor who lost a job or had unexpected expenses come up? I'd love for you to pass it on to someone in need, or I would be happy to ship to a friend anonymously. I know it's not a lot to offer, but please let me know if I can help make your Christmas a little merrier. This should be a time of peace and joy, not stress. :) I'm going to give these away first come, first serve, so if you would like a set for your kids or to pass on, please leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you for a shipping address next week.

But let's not stop it there! Whether you will be getting one of my stocking stuffers or not, please take a minute to think about how you can pay it forward this month. Whether it's making gifts, buying gifts, or volunteering your time. I'd love to hear what you come up with! Tell your friends, pass it on, and let's all keep paying it forward this year. Feel free to grab my button if you want! :)

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  1. My husband lost his job almost 4 months ago and this Christmas is very tight for our family. I was just wondering how I could make or get stocking stuffers on a tight budget and then read your blog. Our little guy who is 18 months old would love one of your monster and crayon roll sets if you still have any left. We actually live locally in Kankakee so you wouldn't even have to ship it.

    1. Sorry I forgot to leave my email. It is neltrevo(at)gmail(dot)com.