Tuesday, March 12

ORB - Take 2

Remember when I first tried Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint? I used it to spiff up the thrift store lamps I bought for our nightstands.

I also spray painted a little something else at the same time. Check out that green grass. That's a hint about just how long it took me to take these after pictures.

But first the before! These knife blocks are great because they can hang on the wall, freeing up drawer space and staying out of Baby B's reach. But not so great is that off-white color.

I wiped them off to make sure there was no dust or grease (since they hang by the stove) that would interfere with the paint sticking. Then I just gave them several light coats of spray paint and let them sit overnight to make sure the paint was nice and cured. Then we just popped them back up on the wall. So much better! They look more expensive and totally updated. And it's a great contrast to our ............. white cabinets! Eeep! More details on that soon. :)

The paint/built in primer is amazing! Even after sliding knives in and out for a couple months, there isn't so much as a scratch in the paint!

Have you painted anything lately?

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  1. Hi Georgia! That's good to read, because I could use some spray paint that doesn't scratch... Thank you for the tip! The knife holders look great in the ORB color. And I'm pinning your pie recipe for later!