Monday, August 12

3T on a Budget

Nesting can be a wonderful thing. If you ignore the crazy that comes with it of course. Part of my nesting this time is trying to be super/over prepared for anything that might happen in the next 6 months. Which I why I spent all my yard sale efforts hunting for 3t clothes for B! He's still in 24m/2t but I'm sure he'll move up before next summer and I don't want to be stuck paying more for clothes later when I can get them for a steal now!

Over the summer I've built up a nice little stash! I was surprised how hard it was to find 3T stuff - well, stuff that was cheap enough for my tight wallet. I skipped right over anything that was more than a dollar, and really held out for things that were $0.50 a piece. So I slowly just found a couple pieces at a time here and there.

But my patience paid off! I have a tote full of clothes that were mostly $0.50 each and just a few that were up to $1! It turns out I may have over prepared a little... when I washed it all and sorted through it I realized that it's probably more clothes than he would ever need. Oops! But it's better than not enough, right? ;) Here's the run down of what I ended up with....

14 long sleeve tees

10 short sleeve tees

7 dress shirts (4 short sleeve, 3 long sleeve)

11 winter jammies

10 shorts (5 regular, 5 athletic)

12 pants (7 jeans, 5 sweats)

swim trunks & 4 undershirts

4 jackets

I also have a pair of snow pants (that were $0.50!) and a pair of boots ($2). I'm still hoping to over-prepare a little more and find a winter coat and some summer jammies. You know, over over prepare. But if I'm going to do it, I guess yard sales are the way to go! So far I've spent about $45, which still sounds like a lot to me when I add it all up! But then I think about how much buying all new clothes would cost if I waited until after yard sale season (and the fact that I can hopefully resell them down the line). So I think we're doing okay.

Anyone else dress your kids on a budget? What are your favorite tips or tricks?


  1. The last few weekends, a few local church's have had huge garage sales from multiple families and we got a lot of clothes from all seasons to stock up on. The only problem it was one day for a limited amount of time. The grandparents had to just grab a few things. Whole outfits were 50 cents!

    1. Wowza! I need to find a sale like that! I might be a little bit jealous. :)