Monday, August 5

Butterflies in the Guest Room

We made a quick little update in the guest room. You've probably noticed my constant struggle to find some collection of pillows and blankets that would work in our guest room. Well, I finally accepted that nothing I already own seems to be fitting the bill. So when I found a new duvet set at a yard sale for $10 a couple weeks ago, I was all "hey, why not? It's can't get worse!" No, really. It can't.

It's at least an improvement, right?

I'm still a little on the fence about it, but I think I like it. It seems to play well with the striped curtains and the butterflies are kind of fun and different than what I usually go for.

Let's look at the before one more time. I actually think that white quilt could have been a winner... but someone may have gotten a little bleach-happy and made a huge hole in it. It's best if we don't point fingers. I'm sure they learned their lesson. My point is at least the bottom half of the quilt has to be covered, so I'm actually thinking about strategically folding it and putting it at the end of the bed. Classy, no? And let's be honest, the fact the bed is made now just makes it look 100x better. We'll see how long that lasts.

We picked up a cheap comforter at Ikea (and a couple new pillows while we were at it) and just like that the bed is officially guest ready!

As soon as daddy got home B rushed him in with a few books to try out the new blankets. Maybe this explains why the bed is never made. ;)

This is definitely one of our rooms that is still coming together. But it's nice to at least have something fresh to look at in there! Hopefully we'll finally get around to things like art work and organizing craft supplies soon so it doesn't have to be a "close the door! company is coming!" kind of room anymore. ;)


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