Friday, November 21

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Earlier this week we shared our favorite gift ideas for the boys this year (along with our tips for trying to keep things simple). Today we sharing a few of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas! Since we only do four bigger presents for each boy (want, need, wear, read) we tend to stretch it with the stockings to pack in a few fun smaller gifts. Here are our top runners for this year:

1. Twistable Crayons - easy to color with and harder to break! Any small art supply is a great addition to your stockings.

2. A Watch - Big Brother has asked to wear a watch like daddy, and he's always asking what time it is. We already ordered this watch for him from zulily a few weeks ago and I'm not sure where to buy them now, but Amazon has several options for boys.

3. Wallet - this also falls into the "I want to be like daddy" category with Big Brother asking if he can have a wallet too. I'm' thinking about making something like this for his stocking.

4. Dinosaur Slipper - I found this on pinterest but haven't been able to find where to buy them, so I might trying making a pair for Baby Brother.

5. Toothbrush - we put a new toothbrush in every year. Last year we found Spiderman toothbrushes with travel caps at Dollar Tree!

6. Wooden Car Launcher - perfect size for a stocking and tons of fun! You can get the launcher here and a car here. (We ordered the launcher through zulily and just realized now that there is probably no car in the box. Oops.)

7. Small Wooden Toys - something like this bus would be perfect for Baby Brother's stocking (they also have other vehicles like this adorable pickup truck). Etsy is a great place to shop for things like this that are unique and handmade by crafters!

8. Harmonica - will it get annoying? Probably. But Big Brother got one at a party this summer and fell absolutely in love with it, even though he had to blow with all his might to get sound out of it. So a nicer one like this might make it into his stocking this year.

So that's our list! We'll probably add some kind of treat or snack along with a couple of these for each of our fellas (do we need bigger stockings? maybe.). What are you stuffing in your stockings this year? Do you have a tradition you make sure to include every year?

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