Monday, November 24

Reclaimed Window Stocking Holder

We run into a problem every year around Christmas time. The problem is that we don't have a fireplace. No fireplace = no mantle = nowhere to hang the stockings! We spent a few years using stocking holders on top of the entertainment center. Then last year we moved the entertainment center into the office to use as storage so we used command hooks to just hang the stockings on the wall. But this year we're stepping up our game a bit! A few weeks ago we were visiting Husband's grandpa and he gave us an old window from his barn. With a good washing and a few tweaks, we had our new stocking holder!

Our plan is to leave the window up year-round and just hang stockings on it at Christmas. We're still trying to figure out the spacing of our pictures around it, which is why we have newspaper cutouts all over the wall.

To get our window stocking-ready we started by giving it a good scrub. Then I drilled holes along one edge. I started with a hole right in the middle and put two more on each side 6" apart.

Then I attached a knob in each hole. I used plain wooden knobs from Lowe's. They were about $0.85 each. I put 5 for now, but left plenty of room for adding more later if we need to.

I thought about painting the knobs white, but ended up liking the plain wood finish. This way when I don't have stockings the knobs don't stand out too much. I also originally planned to put family photos in each window pane, but once I got it on the wall I realized it would look too cluttered. So for now it's staying empty.

Except of course for the stockings!

And next week I'll be sharing how I made our stockings last year, so stayed tuned! Plus you can see our list of stocking stuffer ideas for boys here.

And speaking of things from grandpa, he also sent home this old metal rack thing that ended up being the perfect end table for our living room!

I still haven't figured out what to put in the top section since it's divided up into vertical sections. Maybe some books? For now it usually is full of stuffed animals "in them cages."

Where do you hang your stockings? Do you have a mantle or do you freestyle?

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