Tuesday, November 11

Putting the Closet to Work

You may have forgotten we have a funky walk-in crawl-in closet in our master bedroom. Yeah, we kind of forgot about it too. And so it turned into the cluttered dumping grounds of everything that is in the way. Behold.

We at least kept this convenient walking crawling path that allowed us to climb into the back recesses of space below the sloped ceiling. I should have taken a picture that showed the back better, it reached back pretty far until the the ceiling meets the floor.

Oh, and all the dump-stuff didn't fit around the crawling path so we spread the dump-zone out into the landing. Oops.

So obviously some serious organizing was in order, but first we needed some storage space! My original idea was to use the same adjustable shelving we put up in the garage, but the detail & leveling needed to navigate that sharp ceiling slope was more than I was up for. So I went with my next best (basically free) option. I took a few of the wooden shelves from that adjustable system and screwed them together into a moveable bookcase thing like. I didn't have to buy any new wood and I used up more of the shelves that were stacked in my garage! This is what I ended up with:

We dragged it upstairs and after a couple hours of sorting & decluttering we were left with this... not so monstrous sight. Huzzah!

I started by sorting my clothes and donating the things that I haven't worn in over a year. My clothes went on the left and all our coats & jackets are on the right. Behind the coats is our new best friend, Shelfie. I had a couple ThirtyOne totes that fit perfectly to hold things like swimming suits, beach towels, and other odds and ends. Shelfie also holds extra blankets, sleeping bags, and secret Christmas gifts for the brothers. I realize I may have to step up my gift-hiding game before too long. But so far they are clueless.

Next to Shelfie is room for our little laundry hamper. Courtesy of Dollar Tree.

And above it are a few nails where we can hang belts and scarves.

Behind that in the crawly corner we have the big suitcase (filled with snowpants at the moment) and some boxes full of chapter books for when the brothers are a little older. And a BB gun. Of course?

On the other side is a fabric bin thing I found at a yard sale last year for only $2. Three of the compartments hold extra bags and purses... I've cut way back, guys... and the other holds mystery stuff that didn't have another home. On top are some pregnancy and nursing pillows. In this back corner we have the bassinet insert for our pack 'n' play, plus room (where the blue bag is) for both of our smaller suitcases.

What about Husband? Surprise! There is another rack around the corner for his clothes.

And below that a shoe rack and space for our winter boots. We tried to use every inch of space in here!

On an unrelated note, here are the brothers making muffins. Big Brother is scooping batter off Little Brother's leg.

"Any more in there?"

Also Big Brother drew a flamingo.

Anyone else have closet organizing on your fall cleaning list? I'd love to hear your favorite tips and tricks! Bonus points if you have before/after pics!


  1. If my closet was a portal to Narnia, no one would ever find out ! :D There is a completely mess and it's really dangerous even to open the door, because there is a big chance something to fall on your head ! :D

    1. Ha ha! Maybe you should go knock on the back just to be safe.... :)