Sunday, May 31

Stroller Bag Brag

It turns out people having been loving our Stroller Friendly Diaper Bag tutorial, and you guys have been sending in pictures of some amazing finished projects!

Make your own with our free pattern & tutorial.

We've been adding some of the pictures to the end of the tutorial, but it's getting crowded and we didn't want to leave anyone out. So we're giving something new a try! We'll use this brag post to show off all your great work in one happy spot (with a link in the original tutorial so others can enjoy and get inspiration for their own bags).

Want to share your own stroller bag brag? Submit pictures on our facebook page or by emailing us at MoreLikeHome (at) gmail (dot) com. Let me know if you want your name included in the brag and if you have a blog post you'd like your photo linked to. Happy sewing!

 Mags made this bag with laminated fabric so it is easy to wipe-clean. Love the happy red lining!

I love this version made by Marie in Germany!

This cute polka dot version was made by a Erica for her baby-on-the-way (and she says it's working great now that baby is here!). 

This black & white bag was made by a reader for a friend!
Amanda added in this great ruffle when she accidentally cut the flap to short. Definitely a happy accident! Thanks, Amanda!

Suanne just finished this bag for her daughter and grandson-to-be. She used marine military fabric in honor of her SIL and added a bunch of custom upgrades like velcro pockets, bias trim all around, and a built-in wipe pocket that I'm pretty sure I need!

Divya's bag was made for summer days with a refreshing watermelon & citrus print. Completed with green accents and a custom monogram!

Rebekah's bag is Paris themed in black, white, and pink. She made some minor changes to the pattern by increasing the height of the side pockets and adding a second swivel clasp inside for keys. She plans to use the stroller straps to hang her bag on the back of highchairs at restaurants.

Linde made her bag from Ikea fabric and added a key clip. But my favorite detail is that she reinforced the bottom with plastic to help the bag hold its shape and added metal feet to the bottom!

This beautiful bag was made by Nicole. I love the black & white print with gray lining.

Samantha's bag turned out great, and she pointed out that this bag is also perfect for shopping. She snaps it onto the shopping cart handle to save space in the basket!

Julie made this sweet chevron bag with a fun green lining.

Vero used an adorable owl print fabric to make this sweet bag.

Nadia used fabric that blends in with the stroller.

Thanks for sharing your work!


  1. Yey my bag!! I've made four now since this one and was just thinking about making myself another one.

    1. You are so fast! I'm thinking about making another one for myself too. :)

  2. Oh, that's brilliant - and so are the instructions. Now I just have to persuade one of my children to have another baby!

  3. Such a great inspiration, you guys! Thanks a lot! I just finished the lining part yesterday and now I am ready for the important work of the bag itself. :) This totally helps. Very beautiful bags. Hopefully I can include mine here as well, when it`s finished. And now - back to work! :)

    1. Yes! You can share a pic on my facebook page or email me at morelikehome (at) gmail (d0t) com and I'll add it to the post. Have fun! :)

  4. Hi!
    I'm made one of this! Thanks a lot for tutorial, I like so much sew this bag! Here there are my blog, you can see my bag! thanks a lot!

    1. Looks great, I love how you did the straps. I'll get a pic added! :)