Thursday, August 25

The Move-In Tour

It's hard to believe we've already spent a few months in our new home. We've been slowly making it our own, unpacking, tackling a project here and there, but before we start showing you what we've been working on, it's probably best to start at the beginning - move-in day!

It's an old house built in the 1920s, but it's been pretty well cared for. It's close to town but has more of a country feel. It has lots of character, plenty of space, and hit almost everything on our "wildest dreams" house hunting list. You'll see in the pictures, so let's go!

Sun room with original windows.

Living room - there is a fireplace & glass door built-ins behind Mount Move-In. And a built-in window seat under those three windows! (check out how we touched up the original crown molding)

We call this the library because THOSE BOOKSHELVES. And because it's so fun to say.

Kitchen with really cool antique cabinetry (painted white by previous owners. I dig it.). I'm so excited to get potted plants going in that bay window behind the sink!

The kitchen opens into a dining room bigger than I ever dreamed of. Plus more built-ins. This is our third house and the first time we've ever had a dining room. (we already switched out the light for an upcycled Craigslist chandelier)

Small boy exploring his new digs. Sticking magnets to the garbage can was one of his move-in highlights.

Another room... breakfast nook? And a very orange hallway with a big storage closet and a small laundry room (on the main floor!). Move-in laundry for days.

The downstairs bathroom, and the laundry room with even more storage.

Upstairs has four bedrooms and another full bathroom (I guess I didn't get move-in pics of all of these). There's no master suite, which was one of the few wish-list items we had to give up.

We mentioned the backyard in our DIY drainage post, but with two beautiful acres it was one of our biggest selling features for the house!

 We have a large garage/workshop next to the house (baby for scale).

There's also a driveway small parking lot that has been wonderful for boys riding bikes and playing ball.

It was hard to say goodbye to our last house and we'll always remember it fondly. But this new place has us jumping for joy and we can't wait to see what's next!


  1. almost 5 months at the time of this posting...time flies--especially when you are having fun.