Sunday, January 1

2017 {the resolution train wreck}

I have a thing with resolutions. Namely, I don't remember them. Most years I'll think of a few vague goals I want to accomplish... and then promptly forget about them... until the next new year's eve rolls around. And I'm suddenly like "OH NO WAIT. I think I was supposed to do something this year. Oops." And I don't even know what the thing was that I was supposed to do. Which makes this year's main resolution even more fitting. Because this is it, guys. This is the year I get my life together.

LOL because I probably made this same resolution every January 1st for the past five years.

But here we are, and forward we go.

Now I'm hoping to tack down just a couple solid mini-goals to help keep myself in check (if I remember long enough to make it to a check point. Obvs.). So here you have it. The 2017 "mama's gotta get it together" game plan:
  • Meal Plan. At least the dinners for the whole week. And have like a shopping day to get all the things to make all those meals.  I hear it's a thing people do.
  • Cleaning Schedule. Fact: I printed out a daily and monthly cleaning schedule a friend showed me a few weeks ago. I even laminated it and hung it on the fridge. I haven't followed that list one single day. 
  • Write in our Funny Boy Journals. I keep them on my nightstand, and I'm going to start writing in them at least a couple times a week. Ideally every night. This is priority uno because these little books are some of my most prized possessions and there is a gold mine of funny in this house.
That's it. And I'm pretty sure it will change my life if I let it. Maybe. Unless I'm one of those people whole thrives on chaos and disorder and no structure. Either way, this is the year to find out.

But jk that's not totally it because I like to bite off more than I can chew/remember so I also made another short list of unrelated goals. As follows:
  • Spend at least 1 hour outside every day. Unless it's way bitter cold. Or we're sick. Or I have another really good reason. (I like a healthy amount of loophole in my resolutions)
  • Read more. 
  • Look at my phone less.
  • Watch these boys play more. And remember they're only little a little while and make the most of it. How's that for a vague, guilt-ridden goal? It's like the perfect storm of resolution-making.
  • Oh, and buy a cheap/crappy camper, fix it up, blog about the whole thing, and go camping on the weekends. Husband will be glad we did this and have lots of fun. 
The end.

But, seriously, whatever we do this year, I'm just glad these are the guys I get to do it with.

What do you want to do with your 2017?


  1. The goal--Meal plans for the week and shop accordingly--makes me laugh. I have heard that such a thing exists, and I have a friend who actually lives by it. However, whenever I attempt this, life gets in the way, namely other people keep changing my plans. I even had to hurry up and cook some food one time and put it in the freezer before it got bad--this is after I had thawed it in the refrigerator to be ready for the night I had planned to use it. That night got messed up, the next night we were called away, and then the next night had extra people that required a different menu. Good luck to you! I hear it is a great thing for normal people to do. I apparently do not fit in the "normal" category.

    1. It went great for the first half of the week, then the kids got sick and... things went downhill. :)

  2. My resolution: remind myself that no matter what happens God is in control. The sinful nature of mankind creates big messes and horrible crimes against our fellow human beings, but God is greater than all of that and can work even the worst of situations into something that can help each of us know Him better and to give Him the glory of turning something ugly into something beautiful.

  3. Re. meal plans and real life, my solution. I began meal planning because I didn't like coming up empty handed at the last minute and I felt guilty for always feeding my family the same thing. I don't really like cooking. My solution? I made a list of every meal we like to eat that I can cook. Then I wrote in the meals as though planning for several weeks. I made an effort to arrange them so that leftovers are used for casseroles later in the week, and we aren't eating chicken for three weeks straight. I repeated a few meals we really like (past, pizza). In all, I got about six weeks worth of meals. Then I drew out a generic calendar without dates (just squares on a sheet of paper) comprising six weeks, and wrote in the meals all nice and tidy in the order I'd chosen. Then I put it in one of those document frames so I could write all over the glass with dry erase or wet erase markers.

    Every six weeks, I wipe the board clean and write new calendar dates in each square. Each day already has a meal assigned to it, with everything in a reasonable order, but I'm not locked into it. I use my markers and write all over that board, switching up the menus as needed. I can choose to rearrange things according to our needs, or I can default to that day's assigned meal. At a glance, I can see what we've been eating, what we haven't had in weeks, and what the next few meals are likely to be.

    It's not foolproof, but it really helps!


    1. Love this idea! What an easy way to get a good variety in the schedule. Thanks for sharing! :)