Wednesday, October 4

Ikea Fishers Preview & Opening Day Details!!!

This morning I got a chance to tour the new Ikea in Fishers, IN that's scheduled to open next week and guys, it's amazing. So get ready for tons of sneak peak pictures, info, and details about their opening ceremonies next week including some insane giveaways and door prizes! (Plus a peek at their Christmas items at the very end - they sell out fast!)

P.S. A couple other local bloggers are sharing their scoop, too! Check out Chaos is Bliss, Susan B. TV, and the City Moms for more.

Let's start with the giveaway goodness:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  • Rest Assured – The first 45 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on October 11, 2017 will receive a free EKTORP three-seat sofa, honoring our 45th U.S. store.
  • Take a Seat (And We Mean Take It!) – The next 100 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on October 11, 2017 will receive a free POÄNG armchair.
  • For the (Truly) Young at Heart – The first 100 children (17 & younger) in IKEA Fishers on October 11, 2017 will receive a free FAMNIG heart-shaped soft toy.
  • Pick a Card, Any Card – The first 2,500 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on October 11, 2017 will receive a random prize envelope with IKEA Gift Cards ranging from $10 to $250, or a “Buy One, Get One Free” cinnamon bun, hotdog or soft-serve frozen yogurt voucher.
  • Happy Birthday to You and Us – The first 100 adults (18 & older) bringing proof to IKEA Fishers on October 11, 2017 that their birthday is the same as the store’s will receive a gift card in the amount of $45, a tie-in corresponding to IKEA Fishers as the 45th U.S. IKEA store.
  • Enter our Home, Enter to Win – From October 11 through October 15, 2017, visitors to IKEA Fishers may enter for a chance to win one of twenty $250 IKEA Gift Cards through the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program. IKEA is matching twice the amount of the prizes (a total of $10,000) with a donation of home furnishings to Dayspring Center, a local organization that meets the basic needs of homeless families seeking assistance and helps them realize their potential.
Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Sleep Like Royalty – The first 45 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on Thursday, October 12, 2017 will receive a free queen-sized HAUGESUND mattress.
  • Cozy Comfort – The next 100 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on Thursday, October 12, 2017 will receive a free ALINA “sleep set” that includes bedspread and cushion covers.
  • Kids’ Best Friend – The first 100 children (17 & younger) in IKEA Fishers on October 12, 2017 will receive a free GOSIG golden dog soft toy. 
Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Cook Like a Pro – The first 45 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on Friday, October 13, 2017 will receive a free 4-piece SENSUELL cookware set.
  • Meatballs for a Year – The next 100 adults (18 & older) in IKEA Fishers on Friday, October 13, 2017 will receive a voucher for 12 monthly meatball meals for two at IKEA Fishers’ Restaurant through next year, expiring on October 31, 2018.
  • A Cold Sweet-ish Treat – The first 100 children (17 & under) in IKEA Fishers on Friday, October 13, 2017 will receive a voucher for a soft-serve frozen yogurt available that day at IKEA Fishers’ Exit Bistro.
Wednesday, October 11 - Sunday, October 15, 2017
  • Play Big If You’re Little – Balloon artists, entertainment and face-painting will enhance the family-friendly fun at IKEA Fishers from October 11 through October 15, 2017.
 So be there.

And now for the picture dump! The day started with a Swedish Breakfast Smorgasbord, made with foods that are all available in their take-home market place.

Holy meatballs, Batman. I would like this for breakfast everyday, please.

 My favorite employee! Who happens to be my sis-in-law. She makes Ikea yellow look good!

 This Ikea feels all grown up. Dark finishes and rich colors everywhere!


 The most grown-up kitchen I've ever seen in an Ikea:

Beautiful, moody outdoor spaces throughout the store:


 But it's not too grown up. There's still a lot of fun to be found!


There are three full model homes placed throughout the store. Great inspiration for small-space living!

 Kitchen cabinets made from recycled plastic:

And beautiful classic kitchens:

All kinds of storage solutions:



I can't get over this office/craft space!

Ikea has some of the best fake plants around, and the prices are unbeatable. I love the way they use them throughout the store.

 ^little garden shed
^plus some live plants if you have a green thumb

 Gold accents for days:

 Did you know they have a whole corner with paper goods?? Wrapping paper, gift bags, and more!

Everyone was working like busy little bees to get ready for next week!

One of my favorite things about Ikea is that they really think about kids. The designs and room set-ups throughout the store keep their little needs in mind. They even have a sweet kids play area for while mom and dad shop. It's set up like a forest, complete with tree tents and blue "lake" ball pit!

Planning areas throughout the store have small play zones nearby to keep kids interested while mom and dad work out their designs.

They even embroider all the features onto their soft toys so there are never any loose pieces like eyes or buttons! And there are no electronic toys, just classic wooden toys, play kitchens, soft toys, and all kinds of things to inspire little imaginations.


Costumes! Robots, bats, and juggling circus kits:

This is the part of their children's line I am most excited about! Especially with all these little boys that need to burn energy. This little active line includes tumbling mats, balance beams, and fabric swings. 

And here's something new for the pet-lovers: Ikea Fishers is rolling out the first Ikea Pet section in the US! Beds, toys, collars, and more for your furry friends.

 I was surprised to learn they even sell a bike! I love the wooden accents in the basket!

 The textile sections sells fabric by the yard:

Duvets and bedding:

And rugs galore:


 I didn't know Ikea had such a selection of leather couches! I'm loving that little sectional in the front!

The home decor section started with art and frames:

See the little kid-height coat rack? This is the kid-friendly design I'm loving throughout the store!

Ceramic cacti are too cute to pass up!

We finished our tour with the self-serve warehouse and all-important As-Is section!

 AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE CHRISTMAS GOODNESS. Because it's never to early. Especially for this because, seriously, they are usually sold of of the paper I want by Thanksgiving (I love the papers with a brown kraft paper background). They have favorite wrapping paper. I've bought it the last four years... except last year I went at Thanksgiving and it was GONE. So I had to use my leftovers from years before. Fortunately I tend to over-buy in that department. 

In the throw pillow and blanket section I spotted this little display of throws that are a perfect addition to your holiday decor!

Red sweater knit, red and white stripe, yellow and green stripe knit with a vintage-vibe, and a super cozy faux fur.


What are you most excited about???


  1. Loved this post! Your photos are great! It was so lovely to meet you.

    XO, Brittney-

  2. I want to get in line now! They are really expanding their options.

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